1 year old boar in Boston/Providence looking for a buddy

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Post   » Mon Jul 24, 2017 1:15 pm

I was recently contacted by someone who has been to the Boston Pignics in the past. She's looking to rehome her a one year old boar. She writes:

I've recently lost my 8 year-old, Diego. Right before he passed, I agreed to take in a 1 year old male piggie (Hamlet), who was part of an unexpected litter from a pregnant rescue pig of my friends'.

Now I have to move to Providence for residency and the person I will be living with is highly allergic. She says that I can keep him until I can find him a home. I have been thinking for some time that he would do better with a buddy, and with residency I do not feel like I should take on another pig, so finding another home makes sense for him too (he's more of a pig's pig than a people's pig). He has always been semi free-range (and is very well potty trained- better than my previous pigs!), so I want to be sure to find him a home that will give him some exercise.

I told her I'd post here and on facebook. There's photos on the facebook post I created.

Because of the nature of her work (she's had clients look her up before), she doesn't want her email posted. If you can private message me, I'll send you her contact information. Thanks!

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