3 Females in Seattle, WA Need A New Home

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Post   » Thu Feb 22, 2018 12:27 am

Life has a way of bringing about radical change, and changes in my life have caused me to need to find a new forever home for these three pigs and (optionally) their palacial estate.

There are three (not so little) pigs in this collective:

Delilah, the Fat

She likes hanging out in pigloos and eating all day. Never runs anywhere, and gets real flat when you give her a good rubdown.

Riley, the Athlete

Recognizes the third dimension, and so has a penchant for climbing on low-level cardboard boxes. Knows how to go down stairs, but has a problem with up. Likes to run laps around the cage when conditions are right.

Camilla, the Queen

About 60% fluff and 40% sass. Her favorite pastime is finding the pigloo that Delilah's in, and snuggling next to her, which vexes Delilah to no end. Most of the time, they figure it out, but sometimes you just have to help a pig understand that it's possible to just... move.

Now, I'm not interested in just handing them off to any ol' person who wants a fun distraction for their kids or classroom. I'm really serious when I say that I would love to just transplant my entire setup to someone else's house, making sure the pigs' lives are the same quality in their new home as they've had here.

Yeah, I know. They're just pigs, right? But I signed up to take care of them, and I take that responsibility seriously. I'm sentimental like that. If you have other living arrangements for them, though, then I'll just hand over the pigs, the hay and the pellets.

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Post   » Thu Feb 22, 2018 8:29 am

They are adorable guinea pigs! I sense you are very sad about this. Your cage is spectacular and I can tell from the giant box of nice green hay and the life you have given them that they have been very well taken care of. I hope you can find a good home for them.

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