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So my fears have come true, something is wrong with my pig. His cagemate recently passed and Last day or so I noticed he hasnt really been eating his hay. At first I thought it was just depression but I got home I noticed he ate all his lettuce but left the cilantro and the hay pellets and water dont look like they have been touched much. His poops actually looked bette and some were fresh so I went to go change and when i came back into the room a few minutes later there were some mushy runny looking poops! my partner looked it up and said it looks like diarreah and that it can be somewhat common but I will call the vet first thing in the morning. If hes not eating his hay should i be syringe feeding him some water and critical care in the mean time? his weight seemed fine this morning too. I have a few pictures I took but how do i upload them?


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http://a66. tinypic. com/2dj740l.jpg

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*update* he is eating pellets and drinking water but not so much eating hay I will try again

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What kind of lettuce are you feeding him? Diarrhea in a guinea pig is not normal. Since he recently lost his cagemate to unknown causes, I'd be a little concerned that both may have been exposed to something. Had they been anywhere new, or have you recently introduced anything new into their environment? Any new foods? Is this the same hay that you've had for awhile? Any signs of the hay looking or smelly musty, overly dusty or moldy? What kind of 'hay pellets' are you feeding, and how recently did you purchase them? Anything new/different/unusual about the water supply? I'm just tossing out things that I would rule out if I were seeing this in my own pig.

Does he seem otherwise bright and alert? Have you been weighing him? If you are still seeing runny stools this morning, I'd take him to the more experienced veterinarian that you went to, and ask to have a fecal test done.

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I am sorry your guinea pig is having diarrhea. I trust you read: ?

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