Unsure of what happened to my pig

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Post   » Fri Nov 08, 2019 9:29 am

If it improves, that is good.

I know you are doing the best you can explaining.

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I dissent.

Post   » Fri Nov 08, 2019 11:07 pm

Well, that's interesting. So you're thinking you'll wait and see if there are any changes over the next few weeks vs. having it removed?


Post   » Sat Nov 09, 2019 1:19 am

He said he wouldnt wait for too long, but I am not sure... I am so alergic on having animals at vets.:). I said if he can guarantee nothing Will be wrong with pig and he said it shouldnt be, but it can always be cause such is life(but in terms with this removal its no problem) as I said I handle bad thoose things, my sister says what do you expect them to say if you talk to them like that. And I feel like Pablo Escobar when he said are there any problems cause I dont like problems:);). Yeah, we dont like problems with doctors nor anybody else, haha:).

I dont know how he exactly he tought of removing it, only he would not use anasthesia like for operation(gas thing).


Post   » Sat Nov 09, 2019 1:36 am

I read Lynx topic.. very helpful, thank you.. so you often just leave thoose cyst or whatever to be if I understood correctly(Iries is not so little)?
My sister said she thinks its bothering him or it can well *explode*or whatever you say and he can have problems. I dont know, its probably easier to have it elswhere than on the belly.

I mean firstand foremost I am happy its not cancer.

For the Love of Pigs

Post   » Sat Nov 09, 2019 1:02 pm

We had a medium sized cyst removed from one of our pigs and I wish we had had it done sooner. We'd known about it for a while and it was growing. The vet explained that in order to close the incision properly & have enough skin to do so, the incision length would be about 3x the diameter of the cyst. So the cyst was about 1 inch across and the incision was 3 inches. She did just fine anyway.


Post   » Sun Nov 10, 2019 11:30 am

Thanks a lot for sharing your experience, Bookfan. If I understand it correctly that was ful operation? (Vet said that he wouldnt put Irie under anasthesia, but even if he would(he wont at least for now), his infection shouldnt cause any additional complication or something like that)

So you would remove it, too.. Irie s is a little bit smaller, but it grew slightly. Can it harm pigs in any way if you leave it or no?

I have to talk with my sister, again..we have talked with the vet already :). He said Irie can come on wednesday or oncheck in 4 weeks. And of course we would rather not come:).


Post   » Fri Nov 22, 2019 1:38 pm

Where did it all go wrong?

I ask myself today.
1.) IRie doesnt want to eat pellets anymore. It happened maybe twice time before. We changed brands.. but I changed 5 brands nothing worked. His poops are soft. Not alarming but not good. His weight is not dropping.. he eats vegetables, grass and hay.

2.)we had another vet visit. It turned out the worst. His skin formation is apparently not a cyst but sebacious gland and thats like human has it and its not the same at all. HE was at vets for 4hours for nothing. HE said he ll call me, he didnt bother. I dont even care I spent half of day hoping we Will clear this up and we couldnt. I wanted ask him about pellets.
HE said he ll somehow put a needle through gland and this thing Will come out. HE ended up saying he couldnt do it, cause IRie is too crazy-not still at all. He s vet, isnt he..i am so..i cant find the words.
I warned him..pig is extroverted. Dominant. Agressive to foregin people. Inteligent. Cool. Fighter. The best. But he doesnt give in.
I dont know if vet even tried. Orhe just siadhe did.
And Irie is the best, king of kings..best character. But Irie is my friend. HE trust me..if he doesnt trust you, he ll kill you..or try..and mind you he s like me..he aint very trustful.

I have nothing against people. I wish them all good..but for me for us things are just notmeant to be. Thats why i am even sadder.

He suggested he can only put pig through anasthesia and cut it out and send it on histology. How can i agree with that.

I dont get why he doesnt understand me..he doesnt care. With Ringo vet..he allways cared so much for us.

IRie is permanently infected with bordetella. We re starting nebuliser tomorrow..his sneezing is bad.

I can only hope thing Will open itself. Like with your pig, Lynx. Really. I was so upset, I tought if me and my sister could open it, if best vets can do it..that we have availible here. And I do respect them..I do..but they dont respect me.. i Will never get why..why..things with pigs always go so wrong with me. I always look at myself for blame..but with our pig vets..i just..i just cant find the reason.

I thank you for all the help, support, oppinions and everything. And thank to everybody who is reading this. We are drowning.
But if i have to drown..that doesnt mean i ll stop try to swim.

Respect. for all.


Post   » Fri Nov 22, 2019 1:40 pm

And that was another vet. not the one who answered my mail and said he would look at formation and if there are changes he would suggest it checked. But they work in the same Office.

But it dosnt matter, does it..nothing matters for me anymore.


Post   » Fri Nov 22, 2019 2:04 pm

It always matters.

I would either see if you can find another vet (I know that is tricky where you are) or see if you can talk to this vet and explain your concerns and see if there is some way that between the two of you that you can get Irie calm enough for him to do what needs to be done.

Two of our pigs have had to be anesthetized on different occasions for tests and X-rays and they were OK but you know Irie best and how he would respond to that.

I have had issues with vets before, I think the problem is that for them it is a job but for you it is your best buddy. I am not sure they always get that.

Keep plugging away, you are as much a fighter as Irie, be firm and insistent but polite and calm.

On the pellets I am not sure what to suggest other than to maybe try treats and see how he fares with them or possibly even see how he responds to you mushing them up a bit with some water in case he is having difficulty biting or chewing them. If you can get it I woudl try hand feeding him critical care. If you cant get Critical care then mix the pellets with some water and use that. He has to eat, and you shoudl definitely mention it to the vet as he may be able to prescribe simeticone or similar if he is having digestion issues. Probiotics, like Ben-Bac, may also help


I know when our girls kept getting sick I thought it would never end but they recovered eventually with time, patience and a lot of TLC.

Don't give up. You've got this! Team Irie For the Win

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Post   » Fri Nov 22, 2019 2:21 pm

The skin formation, you are still referring to what we saw in this picture?


Has it changed in size? Does it look any different? Not rereading but had you soaked it to try to take any "cap" off if it was plugged? It does not look like it would respond to this but if you are indeed looking at something with sebaceous material in it, it can be removed. I still think this instead is more likely a wart which would not respond to this kind of treatment.

I am sorry you are so discouraged. If he is maintaining weight, that is wonderful.


Post   » Fri Nov 22, 2019 4:43 pm

Thank you so much for the kind words both.Really<3

This vet somehow doesnt like me, if you know what Imean-it .. he s always so friendly like hello, hy and all that, but than its just went south. And you re so right for him is a job he doesnt care if pig is here 4hours for nothing(I wont even started to complicate there, cause Irie is living like a king and even if somebody is ignorant, we survived that, anyway.) I am to blame that I dont like all this vet stuff, so I am slightly huh..not nervous, but we have an attitude..i dont go there hy blah blah blah-i go there for Irie to be better. Not on some talking. And yeah he is my best buddy, if he lldie, the vet wont care and I would go with.. i let them kill my pig over something that is highly unlikely even cancerous(it was confirmed by Ringos vet, that is possible benign formation. My sister suggested to leave it be as other vet said and watch it.

I can always say to Ringos vet can I held him. My sister also said why didnt you ask him if you couldheld him 1.) I know he would never allow me that cause i am not vet tech, you cant go where they operate, right? 2.)nobody didnt exactly diagnose it even this vets said most likely, so how can I say to Ringos vets to put needle in it(cause i dont exactly know how this vet tought off squeeze or whatever and this idea seemed alright but little odd+he warned me maybe nothing Will come outor whatever, i was so pissed i could hardly listen. I think he didnt like i dont agree with him on anasthesia thing. Why should I?
I dont belive its not possible that this baccteria spread if his imune sistem falls after procedure even if he survive ansthesia as the explained with Ringos old age. Besides that this vet said in my face three times that Irie can die cause of sepsa. Howcan you be so insensitve..but say it, man..just dont saythats just some positive attitude. Later he change his oppinion he thinks Irie Will live up to proper pigs age 5-7. And I with my friends, family and online friends always belived that..even when vet didnt. And I am fully aware how much experience he has and i respect that and his help. But this last incident today was disaster for me.

I didnt soak it..or try warm compress..how did you mean that.. like that?I just found this:

Does it seems okay to you if i bring him in for operation in case of proper change otherwise let it be like other vet firstly said?
No, it does not seem to change a lot..i can sent some new photo okay(that is correct its the same thing as on the photo)? For you all. It only grew slightly. And its little red cause its on the belly and he is runing through hay and all that..it become red, but than it gets back to pinkish colour. It doesnt have a cap for now.

In short we have three options: 1. let it be 2. if they operate it we would exactly know what it is, but Irie may not make it 3.)that was this option you blow it or whatever with needle like pimple and it comes out whatever it can come, but vet *couldnt* do that. MAybe he could have tried harder, maybe he didnt wanna hurt the pig.. but either way that was not my suggestion, but his.

I dont know wheter to laugh or cry. I just cried.. My guinea pig is too agressive. What about all those dogs in dog school
Sorry for the long post. But talking to you make me feel better. A lot.. I just need a break..and IRie too..from vets, they tried if the did, failed.
We ll wait for a month at least.

I am also thinking of biopsy at other vets. Without anything. Like for dog. And if it open by itself can i desinfect it with home made schnaps or not?

Thanks again rjespicer and Lynx. Benebac helped him a lot before. I ll go get it tomorrow.


Post   » Fri Nov 22, 2019 5:01 pm

I think he tought something like that.. But than my grandpa has sebacious gland and they cleaned it and all that. And then he decided to let it be as it always repeated. Its wierd. But itdoesnt look like you can just squeeze it(IRies)


Post   » Fri Nov 22, 2019 5:08 pm

He didnt touch mushed up pellets. I ll update how it Will be overnight. I ll try to put on it few drops of orange juice(from orange directly)that worked with my previous pig. Otherwise i ll started hand feeding him once day if he Will otherwise eat on his own on moneday-cause he is stressed out cause our vet is so agressive..attack back;)


Post   » Fri Nov 22, 2019 5:22 pm

I lost a certain amount of faith in our vet when one of our girls was ill and they suggested euthanasia due to "Structures" in her chest area.
We politely declined and kept treating her with Lasix and hand feeding her and she is fine now.
She also had a swelling on her cheek that the vet lanced, with out anesthetic, but that went away when we were treating her with Chloramphenicol at the same time as the Lasix. She is now the biggest of our piggies weighing in at over 1200g and hasn't shown any other signs of problems.

Along with the Benebac I would also hand feed wit Critical Care or the pellet mush, use a syringe to feed him if he wont touch it in a bowl.

On another couple of occasions with another of our girls who was struggling and nipping when the vet tried to hold her and the vet almost dropped her, then the vet called for an assistant to help her with a "Suicidal Guinea Pig". I wasn't too happy with that comment either. I think some vets woudl benefit from some guidance on "Bedside manner", Ok they may not need it for their patients but they certainly do when dealing with their anxious carers.

for what it is worth i have a raised lump like that, which is brown, I have had it since I was a kid, so far it has never given me any issues, but then I am not a Guinea pig. Fingers Crossed and good luck.


Post   » Fri Nov 22, 2019 9:55 pm

Thanks! Thats so inspiring:)

i decided we ll look for all and everyoption.
1. we Will try to sort out not eating pellets and do bit of hand feeding and benebac
2.nebulizer terapy
3. for this skin formation i ll try cbd. I ve read guinea pig can consume it but i would apply it as itswritten it helps as it directly react with sebacious material-stop it to from..and prevent irritation. or normal warm compress few times a day..verygently. If i remember nothing is wrong if pigs ate it.
4.check other options myself (likebiopsy)
5. check if there is any chance that i held Irie
6. cause we dont hav emuch choice-as i said and that made me horrible sad, cause irie was always at thoose vets. But you ve got to work for yourself there and everywhere- ITs about us anyway.
7. we ll try better new photos for you and to send it on paid human dermatology..if anyone can tell more.

we only stop to start again and we always Will. If Irie wouldnt fight infection i wouldnt be so hestiant about anastehsia. But if somebodys life is on hte line i ll be as suspicious as itgets.

if you can add any more suggestion (add 8.)
we Will only be grateful..and we aint ungrateful to the ones who helped us and wewont ever be like that

It so doesnt matter what kind of characters we have-i am proud of it, okay.;) we react and thats about Irie he reacts. Even if violently. What is greater than endless Will power. Heaint even 1kg. Hands down:) And let your strength be your strength..:)


Post   » Fri Nov 22, 2019 9:56 pm

6.point is looking for other option at other vets


Post   » Fri Nov 22, 2019 10:23 pm

Rjespicer your suggestion is already working!!
We had four o clock in the morning check and Irie ate half of him pellets soup.. it s normal dossage of pellets twice a day! Great..now i dont have to force fed him! I brought him 1/4 as a treat and went back to sleep.

And If he s having any kind of tooth issues. He eats hay and grass perfectly and if he does it..i wont complicate things. It Will show if something is up.
As I know him it might hurt him a little bitand than he stopped. He reacts quickly. He s smart.

And I still dont get it.. you know there they have ferrets and rabbits and all thoose! Either they were not trying and if they did and pig *burned out* the house down..than i am as speechless as yesterday. Like when police officer stopped me.. you are a criminal. I can see it. You even looks like it. It was so funny cause I am small and thin..like really. I cant stop laughing on that remark and never Will. But I have to run all thoose drug tests, so he actually meant it. I said no problem. It came back negative and he said..No! I think I am right about you still..

Oh well..beware of us;)


Post   » Sat Nov 23, 2019 12:19 am

I have just one question left before I leave you alone for a while and started acting. And i dont really wanna at this stage ask the vet.

Why do you put your pigs through anastesia to get biopsy?
Cause you can harm them with needle if you stick it elswhere?
or because it hurts them?

Please if anyone have some reasonable explanation as all said it cant be done if pig is awake. I dont understand, i held Ringo, i cant see why i cant hold Irie

I am thinking, but thats really last option toget biopsy and sent itnot where Irie vets Works, but in Germany as Ringos vets once suggested.
But either way we Will wait if this stays them same. Cause if he had it two months. I cant belive it can hurt him in anyway if he has it 4-6 months, even if its cancerous i do not belive it can spread that fast.

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Post   » Sat Nov 23, 2019 12:22 am

One tries to make sure a guinea pig is not put through unnecessary pain. I am guessing a vet would decide what worked best for a particular procedure. If it was going to be very painful, movement might make doing the procedure more difficult.


Post   » Sat Nov 23, 2019 12:54 am

Thanks for a quick respond. So its not necessary. Yeah, I can bring him to Ringos vet in December-moneday morning. Anytime. I can held him, etc.And my sister both altough i dont think that is needed. But I have to say that..even she said ifits dangerous they Will cut it out and sent it on histology. She also commented that (Ringos vets), colour dont say nothing in Iries case.

And I am no vet to know why they didnt mention biopsy. It can diagnose basal cell carciona, cause its written. Well, he think is a gland..thinks..if it was mine i would have squeeze it now. Altough my mum said how is he thinking of doing that, it doesnt even seems to me he can do that-she saw the formation many times...well mum was right. She also thinks its not cancerous and she had cancerous formation removed years ago-it grew from the inside-outside it was unchanged,

+ If you squeeze gland or poke it with needle it can repeat, if you surgerical remove it it Will never repeat. I can tell him if pig Will go, you Will go..are we cool with that..no, i cant afford it in any possible way this kind of risk. And with scenes we already had at Iries vets through the years. If it didnt change, it wont change, he would say oh i am sorry, he didnt make it, it happens. Yeah and if he was a kid, are you gonna say this, too.

We Will go offline for three weeks, i ll sent you a photostough..but otherwise i need a break cause i Will write 5posts every day.

I wouldnt be so hestiant 1.)if he was not a pig 2.)if wasnt infected 3.)honestly i Will never get along with his vets despite all efforts as well as with Ringos.. its just not working..i wish the other vet would held Irie, altough vet tech there seems alright, some girl around my age, but..he is more determinated. But as they are not private..ah..we had bad luck missing the other vet couple of times. If he Will be there when i came there again to get medications ican alwaysask him,but of course they wont put oppinions against each other cause this is useless, right.

Irie ate hay, Apple, mushed up pellets,..he was very excited as he came out:)I love how to run from his big house..with this fur falling everywhere.

Idecidedwe Will sent it to FirstDerm+start cbd teraphy for 21 days(but i ll wait a week just he started eat everything) just apply it once a day, nothing special..or twice. If there are any results i would be gladly let youknow.

Btw..i read that..funny isnt it.."A seed sown out of season never thrives."
We are very out of season with this formation..or his vets are out of season all the time or maybe i am. i said i dont know if there is full moon for
me always

once a ladywe trained agility with who is a vet but for farm animals..said..Ringo had suspicious thing on his bladder, it was luckily not cancerous..
she said youre doing so well, yet you always lost itcause you doit so panickly and agressive. But how can i if just one out of my four pigs reached normal age..

But its enough ofmy frustration..if you cant walk you crawl..i crawled alright yesterday..and i ll be for a while…:,,). Thanks all again <3

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