HELP--still hasn´t pooped!!

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Post   » Sun Mar 10, 2002 10:40 am

Well, Rex seems to be doing better, but he hasn´t really pooped since Friday (just some very little pieces). He has been on Baytril since Wed. and usually has a good appetite when he gets up in the morning, but then it fades during the day (from the Baytril maybe??). Even though he has been eating a decent amount (parsley, tim hay, apple, and some pellets) and I am syringe feeding him Critical Care, he still is not pooping! I also have been syringe feeding him water since he has not been drinking out of his water bottle. What could be holding up h is poop for sooooo long? I could see if he weren´t eating, but he is. Any ideas? I tried to check for an impaction, but I have no idea what I am looking for. He has an appt tomorrow (Mon) with the vet. Thanks for any help!

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Post   » Sun Mar 10, 2002 10:59 am

Are you sure that he isn´t eating his poop? How does his stomach feel--is it hard and tight?


Post   » Sun Mar 10, 2002 1:48 pm

Ok, this is bad news and if he hasn´t really pooped since Friday, Monday is too far away. Forcefeeding a pig with an intestinal blockage or bloat in not a good idea. he needs to see a vet. Reglan is a med that helps more the food through, so if it is determined that nothing is blocked, that´s probably the way to go.

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Post   » Sun Mar 10, 2002 3:06 pm

Yes. What it looks like to all of us is either your animal is not getting enough food (need more food) or there may be a blockage of some sort.

Keep close track of what is going in. Reread the page on handfeeding in Guinea Lynx (click on button above and go to Hand Feeding). Make sure your pet is getting enough food. If not enough is going in, there will be few poops, but there will be some.


Post   » Sun Mar 10, 2002 7:43 pm

Exactly how much Critical Care are you giving him daily? We´re supplementing a pig with pellet slurry and give him about 1/3 to 1/2 cup a day.

If he has a blockage then you MUST get him to a vet for Reglan.

Is he gaining weight? If you are feeding him and he isn´t pooping then he has to be gaining weight. Unexplained weight gain is not a good sign either.

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