Unsure of what happened to my pig

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Post   » Wed Dec 19, 2018 8:45 am

No, don't give it once a day. The dosage is designed to maintain steady levels of the medicine in his body. If you give a med just once a day that's designed to be given twice a day, you get strong peaks of the medicine, and then hours when there's almost none. It can actually make an infection worse.

I doubt that he'll have any problems on doxycycline.


Post   » Wed Dec 19, 2018 10:03 am

Thank you very much!!:)
We ll start at 8 tomorrow than and at evening 20.00 so that i Will see if something is not right..

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Post   » Wed Dec 19, 2018 9:29 pm

I tend to think breaking it up into two doses is better too. I sure hope he responds to this antibiotic!


Post   » Thu Dec 20, 2018 2:59 am

Thanks to you, too, we apriciate it!! Thanks for best wishes.. We ll do it in to dossages

I dont know what i would do without you..cause you even told me diagnosis before vets and i remember asking you if he s off antibiotics if there is more chances culture Will be positive and you said yes and his vet than said the same later, hehe:)..

I ll be at home for holidays-i cant go anywhere. cause of animals but i dont care-we ll celebrate at home with a lot of food:) Wish all of you all the best!!


Post   » Sat Dec 22, 2018 8:59 am

Here we go again..
Irie cant poop..and he only took one dossage of doxycycline... Vet was worried and she was right.. he s a little bloated.
I think I just wont give him this anymore.. cause if he cant poop for long, he gets diharrea and that is dangerous for other infections to happen.
Another option is i give him Metoclopramide with it every day like when he was on bactrim..altough vet said that is not really too good..if you are just giving pig metoclopramide, cause that s heavy on the stomach, too..

What do you say?

Beside that...I think I am a little bit of done with all what I can do to help him..cause its so hard on him and is hard on me... i was at pet store and seller asked how is he..i said he s not good at all..and she just asked if i ll put him to sleep..i said honestly i would rather put myself to sleep..and she just said you know i belive you.. i was just thinking.. damn..vets know, she knows..all knows..i am completely in shit..i cant hide it even if i tried.


Post   » Sat Dec 22, 2018 9:49 am

He s pooping...damn i am crazy.. i gave him a lot of critical care to speed up his belly system and somehow it worked slowly..i hope we ll made it through this two or three weeks..with nebulizer for a few more days and than this antibiotic..its the last oral antibiotic i ll give him, anyway..cause its just enough...and there aint much left if any to give him, anyway..


Post   » Sat Dec 22, 2018 9:50 am

I mean with nebulizer and antibiotic(oral)he s taking both..


Post   » Sat Dec 22, 2018 3:00 pm

Okay.. Irie is still Quite bloated...i mean he s too bloated, I am very concerned. He s pooping normal
Now, I have very serious question:
Do you think if he took doxycyline by injection wont upset his stomach?
Thats my last question really..if you think one per day dossage is not effective..but than..for dogs it is..i dont get it..

And got the T-shirt

Post   » Sat Dec 22, 2018 4:38 pm

If he's pooping, he's not bloated.


Post   » Sun Dec 23, 2018 4:30 am

thanks for everything..but he is..his belly is twice size..i called vet who gave me Doxy..he said if he took it twice and reacted like that, there is absolutely no chance to continue cause he may not make it. I dont have your knowledge of pigs or i am nowhere near.
But we cant kill Irie, I cant take that response on myself..i was crying so many times over him..really. And nothing could help-and he stopped eating..he only ate a bit of salad and i force fed him..i didnt sleep like 1h and i am not kidding.

I am not giving up and never will..but very sadly i am sure he cant take oral no antibiotic like ever again-he still cries when he poops-and i swear if he wasnt on benebac lord knows he wouldnt be with us anymore. MAybe we ll try to put different stuff in nebulizer..or injections if his vet agree to try again,..cause he really ..they said i have bad luck with pigs cause my pigs are always so sensitive. They are. I love them tough..they told me they didnt see that reaction on bactrim..what can i say.. I tried to force him cause he s a fighter to take all this i did, but this one is just not working.

If you can put liquid Doxycyline in nebulizer..or you think i should try getamicin..and how long he should have took it i will try it. All advices of yours are appriciated and needed. I respect you guys and i always will..on our national forum..people just dont know like nothing, literally. I know the most, sadly. And who am I? I only had four pigs.. they all had different health issues..if not sooner, later.

And I love Irie..so much..more than I ll love like any guy or i dont know whoelse ever. Really. But this one it was scary. I cannot show you but you would know what i am talking about if you saw him, you know. He is still not moving much. I hope he will. Soon. If I would give him tablet again..icouldnt you know..i am so sorry i am not better owner to him..and i am sorry for long post..i am just so upset, y know..

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Post   » Sun Dec 23, 2018 9:50 am

I am so sorry he is having such serious difficulties.

Read over the links here:

This forum topic discusses treatment of severe bloat:

It is vitally important to get the bloat under control and get food moving through the system. Are there any other more experienced vets in the area who can help you?


Post   » Fri Dec 28, 2018 1:41 pm

He survived, luckily..It was very very difficult..he was unbloated after 4 days with forcefeding and no fresh veggies..he is okay since wednesday.
I was with my sister at his vets today. Thoose pigs adventures are killing me..i swear.. So you pig owners are nuts in positive way!!!
He was very kind and told his oppinion. Its fact Irie is not healthy, anyway, with nasal discharge and sneezing..

Vet thinks Irie cant recover cause of asthma..or something like that. He thinks something in our place is bothering him..but I cleaned everything, ok, i ll change myself totally. I ll clean everything as crazy,,..like really. but still..I dont 100%buy that, but i respect his oppinion very much if i wouldnt i wouldnt be there and he s got a lot of experience..you have to choose one vet, right. But with pigs i am so pissed and upset, cause its very hard that someone Will sort everything out for you like Ringo and Ziggy s vet did.. for us.

However..cause IRie is feeling very well again, through this ilness or baccterial infection or whatever it is called and he doesnt respond on oral antibiotics(the one he was able to take), he said he wont give him injections or oral..if he s feeling alright and he got fat again.

but we got gentamicyn in nebulizer..like you said.. i dont know..i hope it helps. I dont know what to think anymore, but I suppose we did our best. He also said he could take doxycyline, but he wasnt suprised at least he didnt seem that Irie s belly cant handle it..he cant.. like i cant eat junk food..i throw up or i ve got such a heavy stomach pains.. thats unusual too..but I understand Irie s problem, cause i am the same. I am not pig and it cant be fatal, but lord knows, really. If i would be on pizza for a week..i wouldnt make it..i am sure. So I eat little and healthy, but Irie is pig and he needs to eat a lot and all the time so he needs his belly in perfect condition!:) .. now, we have this for 14 days..but we ll wait a little..cause after incident i want give Irie bit of peace with all the stuff.. if it would clear discharge..that would be perfect..like, really. We can dream..:)


Post   » Fri Dec 28, 2018 1:45 pm

Oh..and i think dossage is 0, 3 ml if i remember correctly..i have written somewhere..

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Post   » Fri Dec 28, 2018 2:07 pm

Sometimes heart issues can complicate things. I encourage you to read this over in case anything ever seems to apply:


Post   » Fri Jan 04, 2019 3:00 am

Thanks..I checked it.. I dont think this is the case with him to be honest..i think this bacteria is messing with him, badly. And we re trying to destroy it on all and every level.. A lot of diagnostics was done including full body x-ray-only lungs x-ray was not yet(it Will be if needed)+ they wont take his blood..its too risky for me,..and vet didnt even mention it..even if he would, i probably wouldnt agree..

I have some practical questions..
I decided to put him off the hay.. I can say 100x times, i am almost certain is not the hay that it bothers him..but its worth a try.
I ve read it can slow down recovery and rjespicer wrote something like that long time ago.
HE had 3 sessions with gentamicyn. It was very good first two times..but today he was sneezing Quite a lot at night and i was crying again, eh..but aint no crying wont do much help.
He has 11x more sessions in nebulizer to go. SO there is still time and hope for our improvement. I want to really do everything, cause its destroying me ..I took another 10 days off collegue to be at home clean and do all the stuff..but than i ll had to go back(i am only away few hours per day than i return home every day, of course)

My question is..if i put him on wood..he ll be cold right..if i put him on blankets he ll eat it..cause irie is just Irie:)
what about if i put him for this 11 days on wooden pellets, how bad it is for legs? Answer, please

And to not be cold i wanted to add some not hay, but straw(https://www.mrpet.si/limara-oblanci-10-l-p-16496.aspx).. you know in rougher form and to not bother his lungs or whatever.. I am already shaking the hay outside(the neighbours thinks i am nuts..oh well..), but we ll put it away. We ll buy some grass as well..cause my neigbours all have cats and i dont wanna take it from outside. Years ago on ecat got infected and 8 end up death..so..

another one is hemp blanket.but he has sensitive belly i dont want his belly to give in because he eats hemp, anybody has experience?.. damn we ll eat hempand smoke hemp i amjust tired of it all..but no i am not tired and motivated.. https://www.mrpet.si/nobby-preja-iz-konoplje-100-g-p-19896.aspx

Its okay if he ate all this..i dont want to add another problem .. can you please please answer thoose bedding questions, please..i saw you have pigs on blankets a lot, but i dont think we can pull this through...


Post   » Fri Jan 04, 2019 3:04 am

HEre you can see my little glorious swine.. its not too good photo..but you can see him hanging around with Ringo&Ziggy..

And the vet said..thats really not good that they re together..i was just like..f...shit..you know..really. I was speechless, cause they like each other

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Post   » Fri Jan 04, 2019 10:56 am

Absolutely do not use straw. The stiffness can cause eye injuries and other problems. I do not understand why you are withholding hay. If you are worried about dustiness, soak in water, give it to him and remove in an hour or two several times a day. Check the hay itself for mold by smelling it and shaking outside (you would see dust). If you find indications there could be mold, use a better hay.

You have fleece bedding available, no? It is generally not chewed on. Chewing on bedding can be a sign of pain.

As for being cold, he is inside in a warm environment while he is sick, no?


Post   » Fri Jan 04, 2019 1:59 pm

Okay, thank you very much. I asked that we wouldnt do something stupid:) and we almost did..
Because of dust, yeah..and even if you shake it there is still a lot of dust in it, i Will soak it in water. I wouldnt do it permanently-cause he loves the hay, just in process of recovery.
We ll try the blankets than..but i wont leave him alone.. HE doesnt look in pain..i dont know why he is chewing the blankets, maybe he did the first time when he was on antibiotic and belly hurt him-we didnt knowfor bene bac than..
He s inside, sure..room temperature is 22 C. Wood is colder material thats why i tought..my dad have wooden plates..
Our vets have this thing with hay removal, ...but with my other pig this was just not the case at all, they know i dont like to listen to this stuff. ITs sort of..i dont know..with Irie it could be..a little i dont know..i hope he ll recover soon..cause its too much. I ll remove hay and see if there is a difference. He doesnt sneeze now..and i hope this nebulizer finally sent this baccteria in …

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Post   » Fri Jan 04, 2019 5:59 pm

Just a quick warning that dust in hay can be missed as a sign of mold spores. So sniff thoroughly. Dust can also be a byproduct of bugs chewing on the hay and brittle hay breaking down. If you have any farmers or anyone knowledgeable about dry hays you can talk to, you could perhaps get a better opinion of the quality of the hay you are using.

Good luck!


Post   » Mon Jan 07, 2019 4:10 am


Hope its okay if i write an update cause i am upset and frustrated.

Irie was in nebuliser with Gentamcyn for 6th times, without real improvment. Its not worse, but not all that better. He still has discharge..and he sneezes..its not so severe at the moment. And I hope it wont affect his kidneys cause its only nebulized.. He is suppose to have 14 sessions.

I ll remove hay tomorrow morning, cause wooden plates are in work. My dad Will made them. Wooden plates and blankets. So if he ll try to chew on it and at night we ll remove them. I am so sorry..cause he loves the hay. But we have to try to stop bacterial growth or any enviroment that its supporting bacterias .. and cause he ll be on medicines for 8days stil...we have to do this now..All or nothing,. We ll see what we ll get.
I wont stop i know we aint got that much chances cause this shit is so agressive..but we ll try..you ll have to stomp on my head if you want to stop me!

Anybody knows can pig eat hemp or absoultely now? I read some are giving 0,2 ml CBD oil(is that one we put on salad)and are extremly happy with results..?

I also read on forum wheat grass is good..so we ll grow it. We ll name it Irie El chapito Special(cause Irie s mafia name is El Chapito, Gallis was El Gordo, Lee was El Chapo)

I hate that i had all animals together and all that..but its too late now.. In the end of the day Iries age now is 3years 3months.. hope we can make some more still..really. Would be so humbled and greateful.

By the way his full name is Irie Lee Walter Van Zant(as lead Singer of Lynyrd Skynyrd-so he has some USA genes as well:)), cause of his hair. HE s rasta rocknroll pig with one hell of character.. And LEe was my previous pig he was such a fighter, with all tooth problems he made it to 6!!:):)..So I put all positive vibes on Irie-even in the name and i couldnt get better pig..really..
Best regards from us:)

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