Unsure of what happened to my pig

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Post   » Wed Mar 13, 2019 6:53 am

Hey everybody.. dear pig friends of ours..:)!!

Lynx..sorry to bother you again hope you dont mind…:)

I hope its okay if i post link here https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/threads/59892-URI-and-Bordetella-diagnosis
here is written that this pig Roo recovered from same diagnosis as ours. SO its not impossible or what?
I just wanted to know, cause one of our vets said that he never saw anyone recover from it. Well, he didnt see everything than..
I am so sorry Irie couldnt handle doxycyline..does it exist in liquid form, do you know? Cause he got problem with tablets, he was okay with liquid marbofloxacin and azitromicin.

HE probably wouldnt respond more on doxycyline than on gentamcyn, right(nebulized)?

And do you think..i mean Iries immunity system is too weak? CAuse if it reacts in culture and not in his body..
We ve got alot of fresh grass now..he s 900g..when i got him he was 670g, we are going to 1200g..we have to get there..!!

Cause cancer patients cant recover(humans).. I can only imagine his immunity system is too weak.. cause other wise its unexplainable..on top of that he s responding a lot worse in smaller dossage of gentamcyn nebulizer and that s lame, so i have to call our vet, again..I am calling him for Irie every like 2 or three weeks and thats alone its Quite insane..
This s been going on for half of the year now, exactly. Beside that Ringo needs Quite a lot of asistence too.. I sleep currently 5hours per night, cause this week s been awful for us three. Shit:(

I ll go check on Irie..cause he sometimes gets lazy (he s Quite wild ) and i start freaking out …)but oh well..I hope he feels okay.
And beetroot)is heavy for their bellies..we tried it..but its ..i dont know..very little sometimes..otherwise it Will be too much..

his pellets are versalle laga.. i forgot to write..he doesnt wanna oxbow, anymore.. sadly..


Post   » Wed Mar 13, 2019 1:48 pm

We had to give one of our girls Doxycyline once and that was in liquid form so yes it does exist.


Post   » Wed Mar 13, 2019 2:28 pm

Thank you so much!!!
At least some good news for us:) I do not know why he doesnt handle tablets but he doesnt.. i ll put him on vit C for next ten days as you once already suggested! Vet increased a dossage since Irie is now fatter so here we go:)


Post   » Wed Mar 13, 2019 3:58 pm

Irie is eating hell of a lot at evening.. so I am very pleased.. :)
And I forget to tell you guys..if gunnea pigs could travel by plane..they cant right? Just checking
We would fly USA first class to meet best vet you have..and to meet with Lynx, rjespicer and bpatters..:) Really.. ;)
I like living here cause we ve got a lot of fresh air+grass and are baisiclly in the forrest but..vets and pigs..yeah..i wont say is that bad..but it could be better..and there s lack of vets for pigs..for sure..there is only one better clinic and distance to it is nearly an hour ..i drive like crazy so we are a lot faster like 30- 40min, but still.(in one direction). I always joke we ll hide IRie so the cops wont take our little gangster away cause his taxi is speeding down the highway..we are chaging cars so we re not that visible:P:)


Post   » Wed Mar 13, 2019 4:29 pm

I doubt they would allow them on planes unless they were in the cargo hold and I wouldn't put them in there. I remember a story last year i think of someone on a domestic flight tried to take a Guinea pig on with her and they wouldn't let her. They said she would either have to get off the flight or have it euthanized. She chose to stay on the flight and sadly the piggy was put to sleep. Not the choice I would have made

As far as Vets go your money might go further checking for a decent Cavy vet in somewhere like Munich, or Venice which would be a lot easier to get to, although not necessarily driving distance, even in Irie's taxi.

I have not visited your country, although I have traveled quite a bit over the years the closest I have been to where you are is Innsbruck, but it sounds nice, I like forests.

I am glad to hear Irie is eating well


Post   » Thu Mar 14, 2019 4:08 am

Strange.. I didnt know its not allowed.. I tought if pigs can survive the flight..
I wouldnt put pig to sleep no way.

I thought Vienna(you mean Vienna as in Austria, right? When they couldnt diagnose Irie I was making the fuss at vets..i was almost sorry for him, but oh well..he didnt cure my pigs, either..anyway..but he tried and i am grateful for that.
But anyway I said to him if he s the best and dont know whats up with IRie, should I bring him to Austria(my bad, cause you just dont say that, but I was losing it..)and he answered that like what Will they do there, than.. eh..I dont know cure the pig(i mean of course i didnt say that, but i tought it:))

we re too wild for slovenian pigs scene.. and like its fate we have to get this diagnosis.. whoever else would get it, i bet it wouldnt be like we got it, but its our shit, now..what can i say..We re usually making the fuss(like some sort of Johnny Rottens:)), I wish I wouldnt have to fight that much with vets and everybody, but you go nowhere.. In Usa people are like Lindsey Vonn..in here not so much..sadly.. too reserved.
(Like Bob MArley said No man can stop me. If god wants me to stop than I Will)

Innsbruck is pretty close(4h away), you re welcome to come to us.. if you ever get here.. and we can go to our vets together(i m kiding..i bet you could ask them some more stuff than I do:) and even that is too much-cause other people usually dont ask them about antibiotics prescribed or complain about dossage).


Post   » Thu Mar 14, 2019 6:18 pm

I meant Venice in Italy but Vienna is also pretty close (on the map at least) to Slovenia. I was just looking for big cities reasonably close to you.

I was in Innsbruck when I was about 8 or 9 for a holiday with my Grandparents. It was the first time I drank beer and Schnapps ;)

I hope you and the vet(s) work out how to get Irie back to full health.


Post   » Fri Mar 15, 2019 4:37 pm

Oh, so you were correct. Thanks for suggestion. We ll see if we ll need this..

Hahaha..you started early than:) Like true alcoholics:p

Thank you.. Our vet was present today.. HE said we ll have baccteria resistant if we ll constantly load him with higher dossages..thats why they suggested lower..but if he doesnt respond to lower ..i dont know. HE said to start with older and than try some lower but not as low as 0,05.
Otherwise it was a bit of same old blah blah blah..where we live and whats bothering him.. each doctor thinks a little bit different. But we tried everything already. And if you are in the forrest you cant say you dont have ideal enviroment or fresh air.. no air is better than here, its not possible people in the city where this clinic is comes here over a weekend..all dressed up like for skiing its quite funny for us locals:p;) And they say oh dogs here are off leash..well.. no, not all..but dogs who dont bother others and obbey enough can be off leash, of course.

I am quite tired of it all, to be honest.. I need to forget about vets for a little bit at least.. I try to keep Irie off antibiotics as much as I can, specially if he ll keep gaining weight… I wanted to ask for CBD oil, but i always forget.. Once i Will..i have to write it or something damn it. As for having nebuliser+oral antibiotic i wanted to ask that too..but i do not think it Will make difference.. and beside that.. as Irie is so sensitive it can cause him damage so..i think thats why they were hestiant with giving him antibiotics(but he had to took them anyway), cant blame them loosing him cause he cant take medications would be wrong..and i almost lost him as i gave him doxy tablets on my own so..

Thanks for best wishes..again… we ll go offline for a while now.. we ve got gentamcyn for 14 days or a little more and than there Will be pause, hope he can handle it..
Its cool I can go to vets alone.. without IRie:) I was there way too many times..but it is what it is.. His sneezing and discharge got worse now as he was on pause and lower dossages but he seems strong, happy and eating.. Will update in few weeks or so:)


Post   » Thu May 09, 2019 3:24 am


Justshort update from us as promised:)

Irie turned three and a half. He s stong without anything new. HE managed 5 weeks off antibiotics..if he can get on2 months withoutit that would be nearly perfect:) We ve got stuff for inhalations againat home. Gentamicyn again. I went there again without Irie:p;)
His vet stated before that he ll change antibiotic if that Will be needed. HE s off oral antibiotic and it werent affective anyway since November.
I can sayiam very very grateful to my family, friends and you guys and his vets in the first place..we werent easy to deal with, but they were always looking for options best for him, despite in my frustrations ididnt always see it like that-i have to admit that:)

Ringo Will be 14and a half next month.. he s fighting with glaucoma, but we are succesfully avoiding state that surgery is must for now..he s a little worse now, but i hope on nextcheck out his eye pressure Will be normal again-he s on medications. Besides he s got two cirkumanal tumors possible benign but is immposible to say by looking-biopsy its hardly done there and results are most likely not accurate. One dissapeared with chemical castration, but one didnt.. so. Its good, but its not perfect. I ve got to decide, but vet said she would let it be, if its not changing, of course.
If we Will do biopsy theywill send results in Germany, but as I said, it sprobably better that stays like this and its not progressing.
Any kind of surgery in that age is risky..so we Will do it only if he s life isin danger. I would say 16, 17is very very good age for BOC- the one who lived more are here->https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_oldest_dogs
And of course.. his vets (two of them are takingc are for Ringo) are brilliant.defenetly. They re so rocknroll.. His main vet was always telling me that inlife you can alwayssomewhat take care for problems, that you need to go for the best results and be positive always(just likeFC LIVERPOOL eh;)). etc.I ve learned a lot from him.. and to be honest without his wild philosophies i dont know where all my animals would be.

So i dont have any questions..we re just saying hi..and wishing all fellow fighters THE BEST. Never give up.(yeah Mo)and only God can stop us.
BEst regards, blessings and love!!


Post   » Thu May 09, 2019 8:22 am

Oh god damn:(now ineed your advices and quick please.

As i wrote Irie is not castrated 3,5 years old boar.
I just went to check on him and clean his stuff..and i notice he has something wierd coming out his penis. Really.
It was white. And it was Quite big..not like a buble more like coccon. Or something like that.i freak out completely..thoose pig s stuff Will kill me one day..is that not normal? I never notice something like that. His urine is normal. His poopings are normal.. he s lively. He doesnt seems to stuggle to eat.. i mean.. cause he s suppose to clean that by himself right.. ? He doesnt seems to have tooth damaged.. cause he can eat vegetables, pellets, grass and hay..

Please tell me what is that..??? anybody knows???

I was sohappy i didnt have to take him to vets this year but than like as pay back i dont bring him with me..i saw this..however..i didnt notice something like that before..

If anybody has unspayed males.. please save us and tell me that is not something very wrong..i truly hope is not..
Btw he chews on his cage very aggresivly all the time.. imean..i cant do anything to stop him..he just does that..but his front tooth looks okay to me,..

And got the T-shirt

Post   » Thu May 09, 2019 9:41 am

Most likely a sperm rod. Does it look like this? http://www.guinealynx.info/pics/Canuckenstein-2.jpg

If it does, click on the little magnifying glass at the top of the page and search for "+sperm +rod" without the quotes and you'll get a bunch of hits.

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Post   » Thu May 09, 2019 9:50 am

Agree, most likely sperm rod. They can be very large.

(Just a side note....please watch the expletives here in the medical forum. We do have younger members or those who might find it offensive.)


Post   » Thu May 09, 2019 10:12 am

Thanks both so much!!!!...the shape was different, more like elipse... but it was sperm rod, yeah, i looked at the pictures. He doesnt look in discomfort.
So its Quite normal and not dangerous if I understand it correctly as I said his urine is normal. His water intake is normal.

Ringo is not neutred (if that is correct Word) and he had Quite a few problems as well now that he is old. He got chemical castration as its not the best to operate him at 14.

I checked him(Irie) again and he doesnt have it now...

We have regular vet visits and if it happens again I ll bring him with me next time we ll go there to get antibiotics for inhalations and ask vet about it. I hope that is okay…?

I sincerely apologize, but I panicked and didnt know how to write that more properly. I ll be more careful next time.:)

And got the T-shirt

Post   » Thu May 09, 2019 10:36 am

Sperm rods are almost always normal. Some pigs produce them, most don't.

In all my years on this board and GPC, I've only heard of one pig that had problems. He produced so many, and so large, that he had to be neutered to get them under control. So it's not at all likely that they'll ever be a problem for Irie.


Post   » Thu May 09, 2019 11:56 am

Thank you..that just made my day, really. I can tell you are very experienced..and that is great for us, because I am not..not with pigs, anyway!!!

He can stay at home when we Will need vet again, haha. I didnt bring him to vet with me this year, cause if he s permanently infected, he has inhalations at home..why would i stress him out if there is nothing new. He can come once a year and say hi.:) And get normal check up like just listening to his lungs and stuff.

You were right about gentamcyn as well.. it improves him greatly. Bordetella is just this type of baccteria that it seems it doesnt completely go away. But he s still happy and has high quality life- thats important.

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Post   » Thu May 09, 2019 12:46 pm

We have had a couple who had this issue. One developed sperm plugs that were large enough to partially obstruct urine flow, and had to be cleaned out fairly regularly. For the majority of our others, it was a some-time thing and just something to periodically check for.


Post   » Fri Jun 21, 2019 7:30 am

I need your advices again..we got in troubles sometimes...and i am so in trouble that i couldnt be more..i have Ringo in sort of critical condition and i dont know if he Will make it out of it..

And it seems that this is not enough… Irie s having issues as well.. please advices.

He s been crying when popping since November. We did x-rays(his vet did)and say Irie doesnt have the stones..he kept on making sounds..if he s eating more vegetables his making sounds more..before in October he had whole body x-ray. All okay.
Sometimes is hard to tell cause he s always been, he s sort of crazy little guy..he was always making noises.. when i bring the food-he s very vocal in general. So recently..his been making more sounds before he s urinating..ever since i got him-not necessary crying just i dont know making fuss.

Today I noticed his urine was dark orange/brown-when it came out..itdidnt oxydate.. if you know what i mean..i am overhelmed with problems and Ringo and all..i cant get his vet over the weekend, but some other vet who is not so experienced. I am freaking out cause of the stones, but in November it showed none..

Doyou have any advices.. Is this not okay that is dark brown or orange when it comes out? He did it few more times and it seems okay, only once it was that kind of colour. My sister said its not blood, but as I wrote I freaked out..a lot.

Urine is always coloured light yellow, its never even white i dont fed him calcium food as i read its not good on your forum-i checked when he s running on the floor so i see it right there-not in cage..in cage..i know it can be orange or brown..

I am sorry for all spelling and other mistakes..as i wrote its so hard to me cause i dont know what Will happen with Ringo and than Irie and this.. I do not know what to think anymore:(. If anybody can write a bit more of gunnea pig urine I Will be grateful.
Btw Irie was not eating carrots today, not yesterday-maybe two days before..he had some dandelion(very little) and lettuce.

His weight is stable and he s been two weeks of inhalations.

Can we wait till moneday? Btw he urinates Quite a lot like not just a little..

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Post   » Fri Jun 21, 2019 4:35 pm

I would take him back in for additional x-rays and a urine culture. Stones can form quickly, sometimes within weeks of passing a stone or stone surgery. Dark urine can be dehydration. Is he drinking normally?

Are you handfeeding him? Not eating is a serious concern as well. Is he eating hay or pellets?

What are inhalations?

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Post   » Fri Jun 21, 2019 10:47 pm

I understand how worried you are about him. As sef says, stones can recur fairly quickly so checking again is likely worthwhile. You might also want to read about interstitial cystitis.


Post   » Sat Jun 22, 2019 1:55 am

Thanks !!

I checked at morning and his urine is normal.. I Will do as you say if it happens again I ll bring him in during week to his vets,cause they by far most knowledgable and experienced here.

He is eating normally by himself. Maybe he was dehydrated is extremly hot here right, now:S. He is eating pellets, hay and vegetables.

He is coming with me on his next check out which Will be fairly soon, if it happens again I ll bring him sooner. Inhalations is nebuliser. For bordetella treatment.. I hope we can check again and get nebulised antibiotic at the same time, so we dont have to go there again:)

Ringo completely burned out over the weekend. he can stand now, but he cant walk..he was doing so well for his age, too well.. and than just..sort of collapsed-he didnt eatdrink, nothing, he was drinking like we force fed pigs by injection.. it was awfull:(. He is feeling a little better. I hope painkillers Will help him, otherwise we ll need figure out something else. As I wrote temperatures are high and its tough for animals, too..

Thanks again, I calmed down a little.. vet visits are waiting on us..

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