Unsure of what happened to my pig

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Post   » Sun Nov 24, 2019 5:55 pm

You can use regular acidophilus until the Bene-bac arrives. Do you have access to it at pharmacies there? We have it here pretty much everywhere; it's just a plain product for humans in a capsule, and you can open the capsule and sprinkle some on wet veggies. It has a powdery consistency but no taste. You can also mix it in Critical Care.

Good that his weight is holding steady for now, at least.


Post   » Sun Nov 24, 2019 9:49 pm

Like this?

But as far as i know yogurt alone is not good for pigs, right?
I Will go get it today.

I Will check formation and we re gonna make photo(just dont be shocked, please). I decided totry warmcompress straight away tomorrow, cause it looks bad enough. IF he starts eat normally this week(i doubt but you know- we Will try another two pellets tomorrow, Oxbowits on its way as well coming this week to try) i am willing to wait with this formation for at least a while. If not i Will call his vets ifwe can try again with me holding him if they Will decline i can still ask some other vet for exotics who i wanted to contact for bladder stone x-rays before.
I rather stay with same vets but I ve been strugglin and doin my best ever since this infection and as he didnt recover fully i know we re done, cause we would have to go there many times.. at least I. And we re.Eh. Just fight pig, so i can figure things out.
And if something esle its up with him.. we need to figure thisout as well..mum was arguing why i didnt want them tooperate him straight away and we would have peace with that-i couldnt. I just didnt feel it, the way this vet mess things up, even if he tried it did mess up things-formation is worse, we didntdo nothing etc.
Iwish i could open it myself..and i wish he would start eating pellets.


Post   » Mon Nov 25, 2019 12:11 pm

Thanks, Sef, our poops with your help are back to normal!!NEarly normalat least..
We re still noteating pellets, he refuse another brand-he ate two..but he ate hay all the time and vegetables..he is happy and so am i.
Hope he Will start eating it soon, eventually.
We made conslusions and plan how we Will get it together..we re back from shock that our vet wasnt able held pigbul..He aint no agility instuctor,..if i can handle pitbull..heshould be able to hold still guinea pig-i stand by it..btw..we tried at home and i can hold Irie firmly completely still.
So there is option if our vets are willing to try again in few weeks, or other vet have some better idea, if i can held irie-or he can i think we can manage.Otherwise we Will contact other vet from other clinic for exotics..she has some good references. We ll ask politely ours again..
Surgery is last option and something is telling me thats right..and it is an option, of course it is.
We ll learn to stay, if we can use it great, if not its for fun.
I ll send you photos we did today, Lynx..very soon.
And we ve got ourattitude back..ilost it only for the moment:

Green light, red light we never stop.Cause we re restless..god bless restless..dogs, pigs and people.;)

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Post   » Mon Nov 25, 2019 4:05 pm

I am only posting one picture because it is the most clear. They are all somewhat fuzzy.

I will also post the picture you sent a while ago for comparison purposes. It does look like it may be larger, assuming the same finger (to gauge size) is pictured in both images.






Post   » Mon Nov 25, 2019 4:18 pm

Thanks,..! and sorry my sister and i both have kind of creepy phones and its hard to get quality photo. We tried again with dad s phone, but he didnt send it to me yet.

I do not think is my same finger, but you re right it did grew slightly, but not too much. First measurment were: 0,25(height)x0,45cm last were 0,25x0,55cm
I Will measure it again soonand wrote.. Tomorrow we have warm compress+finally post photo for dermatologist(human) on schedule
And btw Irie did it bit ofpellets..good pig!!


Post   » Mon Nov 25, 2019 4:19 pm



Post   » Wed Nov 27, 2019 8:17 am

I need some last instructions.
Btw we sent formation and first derm and paid and now we Will see. We can only profit anyway. Iwrote 4years old male..but of course, its obvious hair is from animal:). I got the idea cause Ringo s vet said its the same as human has it(in her oppinion is benign skin tumor). So if its the same as human maybe dermatologist Will tell more. MAybe not. We should get results tomorrow.

I decided to finally try to open it. I expect i wont be able to, but anyway.. I can see some white puss and blood where the needle was..so its expected
this Will come out.

If I open it..can I take Irie to vet.
I Will cook some piece of Iriesblanket in boiled water to make it sterille. For 20minutes.
Than I Will wait till it Will be warm and not totally hot.
I plan to press it there for few minutes and than try to Express it as you wrote.
If I do can i bring Irie to vet?
How can I desinfect it...with alochol desinfect or iodine? Cause on belly Irie can lick it..
I have spitaderm which is for ambulance/operation use but I wouldnt use it on pig cause its very agressive to skin and eyes and I use it only when cleaning urine fromsomebody..and even than you need to wash it from hands with water, if you know what i mean..and your skin its very dry.

If there is blood can i just clean it with sterille compress?

Thanks in advance. I wanna be prepared

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Post   » Wed Nov 27, 2019 12:54 pm

I would go with the alcohol. After cleaning, it will evaporate and should cause no harm. It may be necessary to break the top of the skin with a sterile needle after using the warm, wet compress, if the skin does not open by itself after several minutes of application. A benign skin tumor is certainly a possibility. If there is no infection/puss, this seems to me the most likely.


Post   » Wed Nov 27, 2019 1:18 pm

Tnx Lynx..I Will try not with needle for first..i hope i can do it without it..here is our answer:

Thank you for sending your case. Based on the information and images of your scalp, it is not possible to say what this lesion is. There are a few possibilities here, it could be an harmless adnexal tumour of the skin such as cylindroma or eccrinoma or trichoepithelioma or pilomatricoma. The best approach here is to remove the whole lesion and send it for histopathological analysis. It is small, therefore it is easy to remove it surgically under local anesthesia. I hope this was to your help. Kind regards.

Well, its not writtenthat is sebacious gland is it..now..hm...i somehow dont buy that. What is wierd iswhy there was puss coming out.

And I somehow think it may be possibilty vet didnt get nothing out and changed oppinion and told me Irie is too restless or whatever, but..I think he said that to distract me or whatever.

It doesnt matter now. Its my fault I am loosing it in situations like that, cause than i cant get the infromations correctly. Yeah me&Irieare restlessand clever but not wise...we re too Young...i am sorry;):)


Post   » Wed Nov 27, 2019 4:20 pm

Just forget to write we wont be doing St Johns wort treatment as its toxic tohorses, dogs and cats, i find written. If anybody ever thinks of that, its not recommended

We also wont be going to another vet for exotics as I do not belive it would do any difference at all.

We Will try warm compress, CBD, asking Ringos vet about biopsy if she thinks it can show something or not. If we Will decided for surgery we Will ask Iries vets. But we need to come clear what that Irie is too agressive joke really has behind(i mean it)and if he changed oppinion about the gland.
If other vet is working that helped us so a lot that would be briliant...

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Post   » Wed Nov 27, 2019 9:34 pm

I think he had some reasonable guesses. I did searches and found similarities among the images I found.

"It is small, therefore it is easy to remove it surgically under local anesthesia." This makes sense. I think we have suggested as much.

If it is one of the benign tumors and it didn't get irritated or infected, you could just watch it.


Post   » Fri Nov 29, 2019 7:45 am

No, Lynx, thats opinion from HUMAN dermatologist on FirstDerm (https://www.firstderm.com/).

We said local anashesia in Slovenia like that you re not slightly sedated but you are fully consciousness, but you dont feel some part of the body. Like if you go on gastroscopy-i got local anasthetic.

I did warm compress, without a needle..structureis way toostrong… if you know what i mean. Irie was really still:) My pig<3. It doesnt look red or infected..and when i press this thing to it it actually looked really like in the first photo..rosy. Alright.
But then we measure and the first measurment are:
16.9. 2019- 0,25x 0, 45 cm, i think that is 2,5mm x 4,5mm right? I ve always been bad with thoose things
29.11.2019 0,35 x 0,55 cm..so you know..it did grow..altough it looks not swollen but..how do you say.. i cant find the words..but it looks like a bubble beforeit bursts.

We Will try warm compress again in a week..and cbd. HonestlyI need to testit, altough its without thc:). You should apply 2 drops or eat for animals under 10kg..i ll drink 40 so i ll be sure they dont have any high effect eh;).

In 14 days we Will measure it again.. we Will apply cbd from sathurday every day. If formation Will be growing more, i Will be going back to his vets told them what dermatologist wrote and ask them if they can please tell me little bit more.

Cause as I said I know Irie can be still, I wont and dont need to argue with that. But I had to look beyond myself, cause I am the way I am, pigs owners are not the same is in the US(and i am so so so grateful that I can talkto you as you are thinking the same as me). Other owners are afraid to even be against vets opinions.. cause they very much dont like that, I understand. But I swear. With Ringos vets I never ever ever had thoose kind of problems.

Ringo is one of few border collies here that even lived to that age and they call him a legend, they respect me endlessly(as I them) for the effort i am putting in my wolf so he can live happy retirement..and get all asistence he needs that he functions even if its sometimes get tough on me.
And it does. Cause he s my best friend.

With Irie s vets..they are not even bothered, or one it is..if you are verykind and polite, but the other..is just not. Yeah, they re skilled. But I am Quite rebelious and if I can get to function we Will have outstanding results, but if i cant is..or think somebody doesnt care..is just hard. IT is. But I aint looking for understanding or positivity.I Will only like to tell me
more specific whats going on before any surgery, I think thats notimpolite and itsfair enough, but other owners are notlike that so italwaysmake me
look wierd.

Altough the other vet who didnt sort IRies problem out, told me in my face many times he can get sepsa cause of bordetella-i fought beyond any
pesimistic opinions, iand anything. We did. And I do notdeny they didnt offer best help..but I nearly went berserk in the proces. And it was than I decided I am done with pigs. Not because of pigs, Irie or whoever, but because I cant function if we only have one proper vet clinic for exotics(there are few more on the other side of the countrey, but you know.. you can hardly get any better)and things are they way they re.. for me that is just insane..and my dad is telling me at least they re.. yeah..but..i cant live like that:). Not on long term, no way.
How many times i felt likeAxl Rose when he smashed the mike.. cause security didnt do their job..and he goes i ll handle it damn it..how many
times when i couldnt get it together with Iries vets I came home..and i just exploded, really.. :). Such is life, isnt it.. i am sorry for the long post..
hope you have fun reading it.

I ll keep you posted.
We would always be endlessly gratefulto you guys. I am sure we can work something out.
I would have squeeze this think out myself but I do not even know if its a gland or tumor..thats why i am very careful


Post   » Fri Nov 29, 2019 7:58 am

And Irie is eating pellets again..when he stopped eating it we bought 6 different brands, yeah this is how we do it..and he is eating Oxbow:)!
And he loves oxbow hay we got with it:). And his weight it steady+he stopped sneezing as he is on Gentamicyn sessions, again..
So we only need to get somewhere withformation..

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Post   » Fri Nov 29, 2019 8:51 am

Just so you understand, you have referred to applying cbd. This is not anything we have ever suggested or used, to the best of my knowledge, on any guinea pigs. I hope it would do no harm but I have no confidence it will help.

I understand how frustrating this is for you. It is possible a vet might use a local anesthetic to remove it but mostly vets here would use an inhalant anesthetic (like we posted earlier).

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Post   » Fri Nov 29, 2019 9:31 am

I agree with Lynx --- I can't imagine any medical benefit from using CBD oil for something like this, and am not even sure how it would be dosed. I haven't been able to find any reliable data on CBD safety and efficacy in rodents, although I have found a few rabbit forums in the UK where there have been discussions around it, mainly for treating bunny arthritis pain. Nothing scientific, however.


Post   » Fri Nov 29, 2019 9:54 am

For anasthesia they do use inhalant anasthetic and nothing else. I think like you wrote Isoflurane is what they use or something like that.

For what it was planned but failed, Irie could eat look do whatever..thats why i agree with it..I understand its hard to do such a thing when pig is fully aware, but its not impossible.

He wont consume CBD, I Will apply it like a cream except there are just drops, but I doubt it would help, too.
Itdoes havean effect on sebavious glands and stuff like that, its proven..I dont have time to read it, but there are couple of researches.

I am for cannabis, always:);). I understand, too you dont suggest it.

I know how its made of and where its made of, so i trust in it. Dossages are very well known. Will update if there is any change.


Post   » Fri Nov 29, 2019 9:56 am

This is hemp-industrial cannabis, of course

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Post   » Fri Nov 29, 2019 11:31 pm

Your link is very interesting. It does not sound like this is a sebaceous issue. For your and your guinea pig's sake, I hope it does help.

Yes, Isoflurane is an inhalant anesthetic.


Post   » Sat Nov 30, 2019 5:45 am

I agree with you:). Its probably not.

I just tried drops like 50 oral(my weight is 52 recomended for pigs is one so)and to be honest with you and I have to write that to have accurate things on pro forum likethis:
IRie Will not be consuming drops and I think considering taste is really strong he wont even try to consume it, its not something pigs would like:).
So we would only apply it. I let you know if this formation Will grow, stay the same or there Will be less of it. Considering researches we should see results in 14 days.
So I dont wanna take resposibility is someone is giving CBD oral. It shouldnt be dangerous at all, but you know. As pigs are sensitiveI wouldnt give anything in their belly that is not completely made for them.

IF anyone has anymore informations for us feel free to write it here..we would be grateful..and however we re 4 and still alive and happy..thanks to you, too...so that is cool result.

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Post   » Sat Nov 30, 2019 8:16 am

Interesting report, Lisa12. I started reading it last night; will try to finish it today. It sounds like it might be worth a try for topical use only, so I appreciate the clarification on that. Fingers crossed that you actually see some improvement! Are you going to keep measurements of the growth?

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