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Post   » Mon May 20, 2019 7:08 pm

Well she was back to normal this weekend. She even gained some weight. It's so nice having her back to her normal loud, annoying self : ) I'll keep her on the two supplements a day and see if that stretches out the timing or makes any other difference. I AM glad she appears to be consistantly passing the stones, so it sounds like she might be like your little boy Sef who had fast growing stones. So I'm hoping the supplement is helping her pass them though we'll never know for sure since she started on it right when she had her first painful stone.

I do agree that the restricted diet isn't doing a thing to prevent stones. Maybe it keeps them smaller, who knows, but I don't believe the hype on the low calcium diet anymore. Her cage mate who is mostly on the same restrictions for ease, though she does get lettuce and carrots when she's out by herself, has not had problems. So I'm not going to feel bad giving Nibbles a bit of lettuce here or there.

Sef, thanks for sharing your experience with stones. It helps keep things in perspective. We'll keep going on our current path but if there is no change I'll look into that bladder stone formula. I'd like to have more data on the current regimen first.


Post   » Wed Aug 21, 2019 4:50 pm

She had her annual exam last week. The vet felt her abdomen then pressed on the bladder to empty it. Nibbles gave her annoyed sound, but not her pain sound, and the vet was pleased that there was no pain, no evidence of stones or sludge, and that it took the right amount of pressure to force the bladder to empty.

I told her we had to keep Nibbles at two tablets per day, not just one, otherwise she acted off. The vet speculates that the muscles of her bladder don't work correctly and that's why she is uncomfortable when she's only on one tablet or no tablets. The urine doesn't empty properly and that build up contributes to the stone formation. The tablets let those muscles relax so she can empty the bladder.

So good that we have a treatment that works and that's she's not forming hundreds of stones. And I'm even less concerned about giving her things occasionally that are not on her prescribed diet.

So crossing fingers that this is the worst we'll have to see in her.

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Post   » Wed Aug 21, 2019 8:37 pm

I'm glad you are having success.

What tablets is she getting, again? Shilintong?

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Post   » Wed Aug 21, 2019 10:16 pm

That is very good news! I think you did mention Shilintong somewhere along the way. Can you remind us how you are dosing it?

Fingers crossed!


Post   » Thu Aug 22, 2019 3:41 pm

Yes, she's on Shilington. Two tablets a day. I crush them in a dish with the back of a spoon then use a wooden popsicle stick to mix it in with either a little banana or apple sauce. I let Nibbles eat it out of the dish or off the stick. Works pretty easy and so far she's been willing to eat it every time.

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