Hee hee..... I´m another renegade from CG, too!! :)


Post   » Sat Jan 05, 2002 11:42 am

Hi everyone! (aka: "Pooky´s Mutti".... from the old Cavies Galore!)

Well, first of all, please accept my moniker change....most of you who do know me, remember me as "POOKY´S MUTTI" and remember that I lost my FIRST little cavy, sweet little POOKY, after only having her for about one week. :( Which, inturn, started a sincere effort and petition to make a formal complaint to PETSMART. And, as you know, I left the forum because I just had to grieve the loss of my precious little baby...I dropped by Cavies Galore a bit later and started to realize that very few of my dear friends who nurtured me through my loss were no where to be found anymore and just eventually stopped going there altogether---the forum had changed so much!

Yesterday, I checked my email and found, to my total DELIGHT, a letter from my dear friend, PINTA. :) When I read what had happened (whatever that actually was??) which ended up with so many of the old members being barred/banished/booted-out/and, insulted, I almost fell off my seat! One thing I will not tolerate is hypocracy, so if that is the way things are going to be over there, I, for ONE don´t need it! Lord, if we aren´t allowed to say what´s on our minds, make comments about posted picture of Cavies of the Month without causing a ruckus, and such nonsense, the forum isn´t worth wasting time with.

So, if you all will roll out the little welcome wagon, I would love to become a permanent here where all my old buddies have come to gather! Take care now!

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Post   » Sat Jan 05, 2002 12:16 pm

Happy to see you here. I still don´t really understand what happened at CG and how things took the course they did but there isn´t much point hashing it over again.

I guess I am hoping this site gradually turns into a good medical reference that is searchable and well organized. And the best way to do so is to encourage you people to contribute your own experiences and knowledge while having a little fun on the side (the conversation forums).

Glad you found us.


Post   » Sat Jan 05, 2002 3:17 pm

Hi Ginny! Welcome to GL!


Post   » Sat Jan 05, 2002 6:01 pm

Hey, nice to see you here.


Post   » Sat Jan 05, 2002 6:42 pm


I GAVE, dammit!

Post   » Sat Jan 05, 2002 9:38 pm

Welcome aboard! I remember you from the "old days"! Lots of great people are on this board now, it´s terrific, and poor old Lynx has about gone grey getting it up and running, so use it often.

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Post   » Sun Jan 06, 2002 11:16 pm

Welcome Ginny! Glad to see you here!


Post   » Mon Jan 07, 2002 6:07 am

Welcome back to the wonderful world that is pigs. How are your two monsters going?


Post   » Sat Jan 12, 2002 12:12 am

Hi! I´m a fairly new cavy owner so didn´t meet you at CG. Nice to "meet" you here.

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Post   » Tue Jan 15, 2002 12:37 pm

I´ve been perusing the piggy boards for a couple years now, under the name "earl" and "ricky", mostly, in case any of you recognize it, and I can´t believe the nonsense that goes on. Most recently I read a post about Ivermectin on CG that ended up with Lynx (I think it was Lynx, I can´t keep all the names straight :) ) being banned for offering information and correcting information! That thread sent me straight over here, on the advice of the cavy spirit section on forums/message boards. Anyway, the whole thing is ludicrous and seems to oppress the communication of information which is the whole point. Talk about walking on eggshells!

Hey - does Vicki from JPGR visit message boards anymore? I miss reading her advice on... on... shoot, does anyone remember the name of that one messageboard, it was a very simple format and ended up being discontinued - pinta, i rememeber your name from it. It was about a year or two ago that it was running? I don´t remember who ran that one, but I liked it the best. What was that called?


Post   » Tue Jan 15, 2002 1:18 pm

Hi ricky, I see you hail from the fog capital!

Vicki doesn´t regularly visit the message boards any more, as she is so very busy. However, several of us are in email contact with her and she graciously gives us the benefit of her extensive experience whenever requested.

I´m not sure which discontinued GP board you´re thinking of, it seems there are so many around now. It´s hard to keep track of the comings and goings.

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Thanks for the Memories

Post   » Tue Jan 15, 2002 1:48 pm

You sound familiar. Can you update us about your herd and jog our memories?

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Post   » Tue Jan 15, 2002 2:23 pm

I am guessing she is thinking of the old Cavy Madness board with the awful format. They moved to the ezboards (which are kinda nice, if not very permanent). I didn´t hang out there so I don´t know who was or wasn´t there.

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Post   » Tue Jan 15, 2002 4:53 pm

Ravenshade, are you talking to me or pigpal? I´m not sure so just in case (and I´m sure you won´t sleep tonight without having your curiosity satisfied :)) I´ll answer. When I first started visiting Cavy Madness (you´re right, Lynx, it was the old CM board) I had only one pig, an unneutered male named Ricky that my boyfriend spontaneously bought from a mall pet store for $80 (in his defense, he was at that time nearly completely piggy ignorant, Ricky had been RETURNED to the pet store after ONE YEAR because his owner moved and couldn´t be bothered to do anything responsible with him and he was overweight and old and grumpy (Ricky, not the boyfriend) so in a way he was a rescue of sorts). Since then I have adopted two more boys from the San Francisco shelter, Squeaky and Cinnamon. All three of them have itchy skin problems, which I used to post about, and currently all three are on TMP for raspy breathing problems - part of which is potentially allergy related, and I´ve been experimenting with bedding these days.

I think I told the story once on old CM about Earl, my true love pig. He napped in my bed with me, he taught himself to jump out of his cage (!) which I´ve never seen before, he had full run of the house, I used to read to him (The Hotel New Hampshire, out loud, twice :)) and whenever I got to the part about the bear who only said "Earl!" he would look up from his food bowl, attentively chewing. Then I found a lump on one of his mammary glands and the vet operated and did a biopsy, she thought she had gotten it all but it was too late and the cancer spread to his lungs, leaving very little room for breathing. I took him to another vet with more advanced x-ray equipment, his breathing was very labored, and right after he was returned to the room with me, he died in a particulary awful, painful way. After Earl, I couldn´t imagine replacing him and kept away from piggies altogether for 2+ years, until Ricky came home 2+ years ago.

Right around the time Earl died I started going on the internet, and I feel bad that he missed out on the benefit of so much shared information and knowledge. I´ve learned a lot about piggies since then and I appreciate the different information that can be discussed with healthy disagreements.

Anyway, more than you wanted? I so rarely get the chance to immortalize Earl to others; I apologize for taking advantage of the question. This spring I plan on bringing a fourth boy into the mix, once these ongoing skin/breathing/bedding issues are resolved. They all get along great.

I´m going to click the "add quick reply" button now though this was anything but.


Post   » Tue Jan 15, 2002 5:56 pm

Earl sounds like a wonderful pig. Great name too. What kind of pig was he that he cost $80?

We have an ancient tabby cat named Mr. Earl, but we call him Speedo (it´s from an old song.)

I think Ravenshade must have been addressing you ricky, unless she´s suffering from amnesia. I think she knows who I am, or then again maybe it´s all that hard liquor destroying the brain cells and eating away at her memory?
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Thanks for the Memories

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I meant you, Ricky. I got you mixed up with someone else from CM but I did remember the Earl bit so I´m just senile, not braindead. I can´t use liquor as an excuse b/c I rarely if ever drink. Might be residual damage from college, though....

My dear Max had a similar fate, so I truly sympathize. Sometimes our best isn´t quite good enough. Sounds like Earl and Max might have a lot to talk about over the Bridge.

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Quadrouple posted!
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Quadrouple posted!!!!
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Post   » Wed Jan 16, 2002 6:26 pm

Yep Ricky I used to post over at the old CM board to that is how I met Vicki I have one of her boars now I had another one but he passed away last summer I miss him allot. Amigo and Oliver, Ollie was a black and white satin and Amigo is a augttoi abby. Amigo is dealing with malocclusion right now and gets to where pinta´s chin-sling everynight I got to get a picture of him with it on he looks so cute! I miss Vicki posting to she is one wise lady even called me at 11pm last night to check on Amigo cause I had given him to much of some of his meds now that is what I call a good friend!!!!!! Welcome aboard to GL I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!! Oliver faces front and side view of Amigo!
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