Stacia? I´ve Got a Question.


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Yesterday, I went to go pick up my new cavies from the airport. Two Peruvians (Himi), and Two Peruvian Satins (himi and black). I was looking through their pedigrees, and on one of the boar´s I noticed Valhalla´s Dixon. I remembered you had a himi Peruvian named Dixon. Was that your Dixon?

Sorry about him, by the way.


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I believe Dixon changed hands a few times --- are your new pigs from COTM in MI?
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Nope, they´re from Fort York in Canada. He´s the boar´s great grandfather or something, I think. I´ll have to check the pedigree again.


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Ah, okay .... Not sure on the exact details, but Fort York is familiar. I´m sure it´s him.


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If it is the same Dixon, keep a close eye on your new pigs´ weight. Dixon had malocclusion and although there is no reason to believe it´s hereditary in his case(could have been muscle related or TMJ related) knowing the history is enough reason to keep a vigilant watch. It would also be useful for future data to be able to compare the health of pigs with their ancestors/relations´ health.

I have a family of pigs with heart problems - definitely in the genes.

Since breeders don´t generally have the same pig from birth to death, they don´t really know what the health background is and wouldn´t be able to pass that info along.

Most pigs, in my experience, start to show age related problems at the age of 3 1/2 - 4 years.


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Well, small world. Yes, that´s her Dixon. Dixon was bred in Ontario, Canada. As a very young baby, he was sold to Cozy Cavies in Ontario and bred when he was old enough. Like Nuts said, he changed hands often. I think Stacia was his 7th owner. I emailed Tracy, from Cozy Cavies, and she said some of her best stock went bacl to Dixon. She also told me he was one of the best Himis she had had, due to his capacity to throw excellent points.

Pinta is right. Keep an eye on their teeth.


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I wish to God that if people have to breed they´d breed for health and screw how the pig looks. If someone cares so desperately HOW the animal looks they should just order a custom made stuffed toy.


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Exactly my thoughts.


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From what I can see, Dixon is only in one of their family trees.

I´ll be sure to keep an eye on his weight, though. Can´t hurt to watch.

7th home? Wow, he must have had quite the life. I thought Hanna was amazing because this is her third home, but 7? That´s a lot of homes that guy was in.


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The life of a commodity, not a pet.


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It would be great if you could post pictures of your new pigs. I´m sure stacia would like to see them.

And what is Dixon? Their grandfather? Great-grandfather?


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Sure, I just took some.

That´s Mikado. Dixon is his great grandfather. It´ll be a while before he´s as pretty as Dixon though, since he was just born December 9th. His points are coming in nicely, though. If all goes well, he´s making his show debut in February!

That´s Eldorado, a Peruvian satin. I don´t think he´s related to Dixon in any way, I haven´t really thorougly went over the pedirees. He was born a month before Mikado on November 3rd, and his points are coming in great! As with Mikado, if all goes well, he´s making his show debut in February too!

I also have a himi sow and a black satin sow, though I haven´t gotten pictures of them yet. They´re trimmed and all, so they´re not going to be shown. They´re going to be bred to one of the boars though, I´m not sure which yet. Don´t jump on me for breeding; I bought the right animals, and I´ve done countless amounts of research.


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Well, at least Dixon ended up as a member of a family with a permanent home.


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I agree, Pinta.

When breeding for looks (and incidentally, I hate the whole idea of something being ´better quality´ because it conforms to a set of visual standards set by one person, or a group of people. Who are we to say one animal is ´better´ than another because it´s a certain colour considered nicer than another by a few people? Like when breeders talk about ´coat faults´ - faults? Says who? That´s the way the animal is! And drawing a long bow, this is exactly the sort of attitude shown by people when they judge other people´s bodies. Too fat? Too thin? Nose too big? Why - what´s the universal perfect size? Etc. etc. Sorry - rant, rant....climbing off soapbox)

ANYWAY (getting back on track) - breeding for looks often entails line and in breeding, both of which reduce the genetic variance needed for healthy animals. Cross bred animals tend to have hybrid vigour which stands them in good stead for genetic health.

Incidentally, I read an article on pedigree dogs recently, in which the writer (a vet) suggested that anyone considering a pedigree (ie. pure bred animal) should automatically take out pet insurance, because the likelyhood of health problems was much higher than for ´mutts´.


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I don´t think I could treat my pigs any other way but as pets, no matter if they are breeding, showing, or just living with me as a pet.


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PS. Peter, I love your pigs by the way - I would love a Peruvian (I have a Silkie and a Texel) but they´re pretty rare in South Australia from what I can tell.


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It´s how the ones that leave your care get treated that brings up concern.

I have a pet store pig offspring, Shiraz, who could never make a show table. Chocolate satin with a white blaze and such a long snout, she looks more horse than pig. Due to the quality of the satin hair shaft her snout hairs stand straight up giving her a permanent pink nose a la W.C. Fields. Plus mild pea eye in both eyes. She´s quite the "looker".

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They are cute, bright eye-ed little guys. I´m sure you´ll take good care of them. I must say, I judge pigs on personality and petability. Give me a soft, snuggly pig and that´s all I need!


Post   » Wed Jan 23, 2002 10:04 pm

Shiraz is probably sweet, which makes up for her looks, right?

Thanks for the complements on them! Lynx, if you like petability then you´d love Scarlett. If she sees me take anyone else out before she came out that day, she´ll squeak until someone takes her out! She distracted my mom from work earlier...


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My mom found out that I was posting pictures of Mikado and Eldorado, and she insisted that I just post a picture of "Her Gizzy," or Gizmo, our rescue Peruvian.


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