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Hi Peter. Wow, that´s pretty neat that you have an offspring of my boy - small world. I really miss him so much. He was such a sweet pig as well as being beautiful. I wish he´d had more time with me. Just not fair.

Anyway, your pig´s are very pretty. I think I have a soft spot for Mikado though. How old is he?

Here´s a picture of Dix....a one of a kind I tell ya.
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He was the most photogenic pig I´ve ever seen.

Sorry, not trying to bring you down here. Where do you live, Peter?
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I live in NYC. Are you anywhere close?

Mikado was just born on December 9th, so he´s about six weeks old.

Dix was beautiful. I hope Mikado looks like him when he grows up! So far he has a nice personality, but he´s still settling in. He´s getting better, I´ll keep you posted on his development.


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Gosh, I love those Peruvians!

Before I adopted mine, I´d never even seen one and didn´t even recognize the little mops that were brought into the shelter as guinea pigs. Dixon was such a beautiful pig and yours are too, Peter.

I grew up in the world of pedigree dogs, German Shepherds and Bearded Collies. My mother bred and showed them, both in conformation classes, obedience and agility trials. I find it ironic that originally conformation classes were intended to improve the breeds, in terms of making them better able to perform the work the breed was developed to do. The true purpose has been so distorted that now the emphasis is almost exclusively on esthetics. In many breeds soundness, health and disposition have been disregarded, resulting in exaggerated parodies of the original breed. Many top show dogs would be totally useless for their original jobs, not to mention the vast number of pups with faults of one kind or another that were rejected as being "not show quality".

There are exceptions, some breeders have made it a priority to produce dogs that not only excel in the show ring but also at field trials or herding competitions.

Of course cavies have no "job" to do, other than be good companions. As a pet owner I would have to say that for me health and disposition take precedence over esthetics in a companion animal, although I sure do appreciate a beautiful pig.

Good luck with your pigs, Peter. I hope they will be healthy, sound pigs that bring you much pleasure. I commend you for the amount of time and effort you´re putting into learning about cavies. Many young people don´t take it as seriously as you do.


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I have a purebred Lab, Holly. She was sold as a pet, since she was the runt I think. I´m pretty sure she was sold as a pet, my dad doesn´t remember. Anyway, she could never be a hunting dog, like Labs were supposed to be. She hates water with a passion and probably would run and hide at the sound of a gun. Thunder scares her enough! She´s heathly though, I think the breeder was going for health too. Both of her parents were AFA certified, so chances are she would be if I paid for the x-rays to be done. Hopefully we won´t develop any problems down the road.

About researching cavies, I don´t see why people shouldn´t and how they just disregard researching. I didn´t know much when I got my first one, I knew she could eat Romaine lettuce, I gave her pet store pellets, bedded her on pine, and gave her alfalfa all of her life. I knew the basics, not a lot. I was also only eight, so my mom did most of the research. We learned the basics then, and I know a lot more now. I´m going to be fourteen in March, and I´ve learned so much in those years. It took so little time to learn and research, I wish more people would.

Thanks for the complement on my guys!

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