What is this whirring or purring sound?

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Post   » Wed Jan 30, 2002 9:31 am

We just got two new "pups" yesterday after loosing our beloved Cinnamon last week. These new "pups" are solid and healthy feeling. I know now something was seriously wrong with Cinnamon even when we got her. She felt "mushy" from the start and these two eat like "pigs" and drink plenty of fluid and groom themselves. She hardly did any of these things.

But the thing I notice the most is that these two purr or whirr when we pet them. They love to be held and get pets from us. What is this sound??

We learned so much from this board and hope to have really healthy little piggies this time. They have a large cage with plenty of room, a ramp and low, carpetted shelf to climb up to. Plenty of veggies and good guinea pig pellets. Thank you all for all of your help. Paula

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Post   » Wed Jan 30, 2002 10:59 am

I think what you are hearing is purring. By the way, I am moving this to the regular Cavy Chat forum where I think it will fit better.

I hope these little pigs stay happy and healthy. Do read the Guinea Lynx article on Raising a Healthy Cavy (click on the Guinea Lynx button at the top). It offers some valuable information. And make sure to weigh your pigs once a week to keep track of them. I find holding them every day also gives you an idea if something is wrong.

Most pigs lead very healthy happy lives.


Post   » Wed Jan 30, 2002 12:11 pm

Congratulations on your new pigs!

My pigs "Brrrrrrrr"! when they´re petted somewhere they don´t particularly like, or hear a sound that alarms them. However, I´ve heard others say their pigs "Purrrrr" in pleasure when they´re petted, so perhaps you do have a pair of Purrers.

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