Guinea pigs and high frequency sound waves

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Post   » Thu Jan 31, 2002 2:43 pm

I came across this article today. Your tax dollars at work. I wondered how high the frequency would have to be to produce such a horrific effect and whether the sounds from aircraft engines come anywhere near that level. It seems unlikely.

I really have to question the validity of an experiment which basically cooks guinea pigs alive in order to discover that airmen would be well advised to shave their body hair.

Thumbs down to Dr. Horace O. Parrack.

Dr. Horace O. Parrack of the United States Air Force Medical Laboratory has been studying the effect on airmen of jet propulsion and other modern aircraft engines. The Army wants to know whether or not high-pitched sounds generated by the new power planes are hazardous. Jet-engine noise may temporarily deafen a man even after brief exposures, and repeated exposure may result in permanent deafness.

Dr. Parrack finds that rats and guinea pigs can be killed with high-frequency sound waves, but that man is safe against them because he has no fur. With the fur-bearing animals the sound energy is turned into heat. They die from high-frequency noise because they get so hot that the body proteins coagulate. When the hair is shaved off, there is no such coagulation effect. Man, with his much more efficient skin ventilating system, is safe at energy levels 120 times greater that rats are.

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Post   » Thu Jan 31, 2002 3:32 pm

That´s repulsive. I vote we stick him in a microwave and see what happens. That or cover his entire body in Rogaine and let *him* hang out with the jets.
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