Post   » Mon Feb 04, 2002 8:48 am

I honestly believe that 3 is a funny number for pig groups - as they tend to form bonded pairs.

But poor Humph needs a friend so much - can you experienced guys offer an opinion as to whether you think its a good idea to try him with the two youngsters.
As they are young and new to eachother as well as humph I was wondering if it would work? Given enough space and feed bowls etc? oh and after the isolation period of course.

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Post   » Mon Feb 04, 2002 9:14 am

I think it would be worth a try. How large an area can you provide?


Post   » Mon Feb 04, 2002 9:32 am

new Cavy Cottage built by my dad - 4 ´ 10 " by 3 foot
currently housing Boycie and Trigger but they could go in the cage instead - its ok for two - but not bif enough for 3

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Post   » Mon Feb 04, 2002 9:43 am

Hmmm, yes, bigger would be better. Have you ever considered blocking off a corner of a room? Tossing the lodger and giving them a whole room? Using your bedroom and blocking the door? So long as it´s secure (no wires, a pee friendly floor, blocked under dressers) might be exciting for your pigs. They would have so much fun checking things out they wouldn´t have time to fight.


Post   » Mon Feb 04, 2002 9:50 am

I really dont have the room - need the lodger - and although my flat isnt that tiny I´m still limited to space. all floors are carpeted and its too expensive to re-do them all.
Plus I cant see the floor in my bedroom - I´d lose them all amongst the debris!

maybe i can get dad to work his magic on another old bit of furniture

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Post   » Mon Feb 04, 2002 10:05 am

For some people a great big piece of linoleum could be put over the rug, turned up at the edges considerably -- perhaps 8 or more inches (I would even suggest kind of "folding" the edges as there will be no escape for pee).

Do you have a yard? Anywhere to shake out a big cloth or towel? It does sound like this sort of solution might not work for you, but I am going on and on in the hopes someone else will free their pigs and share their space.


Post   » Mon Feb 04, 2002 10:15 am

Humphrey gets floortime every nighht anyway so hes not hard done by.
I like keeping B & T in a bigger space as I dont have to let them out for exercise so often - they refuse to be toilet trained.

But finding somwhere permanently big enough for 3 is hard. I only have a front door too so dirty linoleum/rug would have to be carried right through the house. Also its warm upstairs in summer and hallway isnt big enough - I´m not making excuses but the practicalities of living in a small flat make my choices tough.

My idea was to put b & T downstairs in the cage and let them out for exercise in the hall [the only non carpeted place!] where poo is not a problem.

I thought the other 3 could live upstairs in the cottage and come out for floor time either together or seperately or both! i know its not a huge pen but its not cramped either and if they get floor time too - ?

i´m just worried about the triangle aspect. WAnt to know if 3´s ever bond and live happily - if two are really young will that make it work? is 3 boars together just asking for trouble?

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Thanks for the Memories

Post   » Mon Feb 04, 2002 10:50 am

Have you considered building up vs out?

Threes have worked. I think Rosalee on CM has a trio.


Post   » Mon Feb 04, 2002 10:59 am

I cant think of a way to do it - not without making the bottom bit really dark. cant do it downstairs as the Parrot is hanging up there. Not really anywhere else he can go.

Plus I´m bad at making stuff and Dad will only do it when he feels like it and isnt down the pub. And he doesnt like making stuff from scratch.

A friend of his made me a little run once and I designed a two storey cage for all the pigs and asked Dad to get his friend to make it. He never did.

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Post   » Mon Feb 04, 2002 6:38 pm

I did the math- and I´m surprised that everybody is saying that 14.5 sq feet isn´t big enough for three pigs? It sounds like more than enough room to me.

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Post   » Mon Feb 04, 2002 7:04 pm

Teresa recommends 13 sq ft for 3 pigs.

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Post   » Mon Feb 04, 2002 7:12 pm

I had three unrelated males together and while it´s true that two would gang up on one, the groupings would change - it wasn´t always the same two against the same one. Plus when I only had two (as I do now) I notice that they get a little bored. Having a third one around keeps things stirred up and guinea pigs are very interactive, playful creatures who enjoy a good stir up. It depends a lot on personality, of course, but "two´s company, three´s a crowd" is a human creation; guinea pigs appear to be a little bit more mature than most of us. :)

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Post   » Mon Feb 04, 2002 8:48 pm

cmtigger -- you´re right. It is more than I was imagining it to be. Lou, why not give it a try?


Post   » Mon Feb 04, 2002 10:29 pm

Lou Lou Lou, go for it --- there is enough room in your current cage and floor time in addition to a roomy cage? You got it goin on -- work it sister!

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Post   » Tue Feb 05, 2002 8:20 am

Lou, I have three males together in a cage that is 20 inches by 4 feet. It is plenty of room for them, they can still rip and race and not bump into each other. You should try, nothing to lose.


Post   » Tue Feb 05, 2002 9:13 am

I´ll give it a go.

Just trying to recover from that nasty Lynx bullying and opressing me.

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Post   » Tue Feb 05, 2002 12:42 pm

I thought you liked it!!???


Post   » Wed Feb 06, 2002 6:11 am

i´m very fragile underneath


Post   » Wed Feb 06, 2002 9:35 am

underneath what?


Post   » Wed Feb 06, 2002 9:50 am

underneath my hardened exterior

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