2 new Female piggies introduced

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Post   » Wed Feb 20, 2019 9:59 pm

So I have two piggies I bought from Petco (didnt know about adoption before this, I'm nee here! My next piggy will be adopted) named Hornet (3 months old and very small. Loves to snuggle) and Willow (energetic 4 month old) and I introduced them to eachother two days ago in a play pen in the livingroom for about 3 hours. They seemed to get along well. and snuggle together at night in their cage. But I noticed that Willow keeps running up behind Hornet and bumping her butt with her nose, and cutting her off while she walks. She also takes the food Hornet is eating and eats it herself. Willow also (this is what it looks like) head butts Hornet or nips her. She also lifts her head up like shes sniffing the air. I am a new Cavy owner and I keep hearing these little high noises when they interact. Is this a cry for fear or excitement? Do they get along?

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