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So I have talked on here before about a 6th grade teacher In my school basically killing her guinea pig. He is in terrible condition and getting worse every day. On Monday we are taking y’alls advice and talking to our principal. We are printing out the letter we wrote to the teacher and some care guides (including the guinea lynx one) what else should we talk to her about? We are just basically going to ask our principal to regulate the care of animals in our building. We don’t want her to completely ban them since we have a 7th grade science teacher who has 2 guinea pigs in a 12 square foot cage and a crested gecko in a very large enclosure (he might be getting registered as an emotional support animal for her students which is super exciting!). But there are a few hamsters in our school in critter trails and those aren’t ideal :/ Should we mention anything else? Thanks!

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GuineaP1225, you were asked to stop creating new threads on this same topic. Please add any follow-up questions to your original thread. This one will be closed.

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