New Piggy from rescue...again.

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Post   » Fri Mar 15, 2019 7:54 pm

Well, after Katrina passed, her sister Jessica was never the same, even with the addition of Josie. So, sadly, Jessica passed a few weeks ago. I immediately got in touch w/the rescue and asked about any single females. She had one which I picked up the next day. She was named Frenchie, ick, is now Jamie. Jamie is a red/white/agouti tri color american satin. Looks very flashy next to Josie (black w/red satin abby). Jamie was said to maybe a bit of a snob, but she was so much smaller than Josie that she's like, nope, I'm good, you can be the Queen. :) Intros went excellent. No problems and they are buds.

I like that I can just ask for a single female, rather than having to go there and try and choose one...I'd end up w/all of them! In the end, color, coat type, etc. doesn't mean much. All piggies are adorable! Just helping one in need and getting a buddy for the other is what is important.

And a note off need a "clean out"...feed 'em some piggy treats! Kiya, brindle Pug, found a bag of pig treats last night. All that fiber, she is good and clean (internally). ;)

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