Interesting Bonding Problem [2 spayed sows, 1 intact boar]

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Post   » Tue Aug 27, 2019 5:43 pm

Looking for specific tips from folks who might have had similar experiences -

I have a spayed female I'm trying to introduce to two other pigs, a spayed female and intact male. To say the other two are bonded would be overstating, they both lost their bonded friend in the last 4 months and seemed to not hate each other when introduced, but they have been living together since May. Until last week, there was a third piggie in with them who worked very well at chilling my boy out, but she passed just before we got approval from a rescue to add another one to our little herd.

We're taking intros very slow and after noticing our new friend getting a little testy with my boy pig, I decided to give her some one on one lap time with my other girl. It worked out well, well enough that my established girl went to start grooming the new one...and then got a warning nip for her trouble. The new pig has reacted that way to pretty much any guinea pig attempts to touch her, even though she's super cuddly with people.

They are currently in a divided 2x5 C&C (upgrading to a 2x6 shortly). They interact well enough through the divider, it's just when they try to touch her when they're out of the cage there's an issue.

I know the common tips and tricks for guinea intros, but if anyone has specific thoughts on this I'd appreciate it!

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Post   » Tue Aug 27, 2019 6:58 pm

Why are you putting them together at all if it's not permanently? That's never recommended for guinea pig introductions. Guinea pigs are wired to establish dominance over another pig, and it happens EVERY time they're separated and put together again. You're forcing them to start all over from square one each time.

If you're ready to introduce them, do it in a neutral area, then put them in a cleaned cage that smells nothing like any pig -- no hideys, no toys, no nothing that has been in a cage with any of the pigs and can't be thoroughly cleaned. And then leave them alone to work things out.

Here's the bible for intros:

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