The Relationship Between Pigs and Other Animals


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My cat is evil. lol well he is! I made a cube and coroplast cage without a cover and he constantly was in there chasing the pigs. We had another cube cage made and stacked that on top of the cage and he goes in the unused one and lays around, we´ve threatened to make that one his cage lol. I don´t think he wants to hurt them but he thinks they´re kittens or something and tries to play "kittenly" so he´s not allowed to be near them when they are loose.

Hopefully he´ll grow out of this kitten stage soon. He really is a terror sometimes. Now that he can´t get at the pigs he doesn´t seem to care about them. Whenever I give the girls lettuce he wants some too, however he just bats it around when I give him some. Anyone want a cat lol just kidding some days he just gets on my last nerve!


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I love the picture of Cheddar in the basket with the piggies, pinta! Adorable!

We have 4 indoor cats. Muffin is so scared she won´t even come into the same room with them (she´s really timid and really only comes out when my husband is downstairs by himself). Moppet will sit on the table or the chair and look at them while their in the cage but is scared when they´re out of the cage and won´t come into the room. Mittens is pretty much disinterested in them and will glance and them and that´s it, though if they´re out she´s scared an leaves the room. Smokey is the boldest (at least while they´re in the cage) and will paw up at the hay which pokes through the cage bars and try to get the hay out -- if she gets a piece out she plays with it. She isn´t quite as scared as the other cats and will remain in the room if the piggies are out though she hides under the chair. But if one of the piggies gets near her she gets scared and we have to open the door to let her out.

We also have a dog. She watches the piggies through the cage but isn´t scared of them. We have let her sniff them when they are out of the cage. Our dog is a Beagle, which are pack dogs, and we wanted her to know that the piggies are part of her pack. Other than sniffing at them she doesn´t bother them. Though we will never have her unsupervised around them.


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Our family dog is quite good with all small animals. My pigs wander right up to Tanner when he is laying down and proceed to nibble on his fur, cuddle up to him, and generally make a nuisance out of themselves. Tanner responds by giving them kisses and being very careful not to step on them when he moves.

We´ve only had one minor "incident" with Tanner and the pigs. One day Sweetheart was sitting beside me on the floor and Tanner came into the room. He ran up to me and went to sit down beside me, he failed to notice that the seat was already occupied. As he sat down he landed partially on Sweetheart and knocked the air out of him in an audible woosh. Tanner was shocked to be sitting on something and got up and ran away complete with an angry, and rumblestrutting, Sweetheart following behind him.


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When the pigs and Cheddar are lounging on the bed he does occasionally gum them. I reprimand him with "Cheddar, stop chewing the pigs", which usually works. The pigs don´t seem overly concerned about being gummed. Occupational hazzard.

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I adopted two cats in November. One I had waited for, after telling the rescue I wanted one who had lived in a home with small animals and proved not to be a "mouser." Believe it or not, Sarabi had come into the rescue with just that background. However, Sarabi had apparently made friends with another cat at the rescue during the month she was waiting for me to make transport arrangments, and I adopted them both figuring, what´s one more, right? Then Sarabi will have a cat buddy.

However, Mr. Kitty (I didn´t name him) does like to stick his arm in the gpig cages and bat at them. He´s declawed, but I worry that it will escalate. He seems to be testing his limits. Whenever he does something naughty, all I have to do is say his name and he´ll stop. The problem with him is he doesn´t seem to have an inhibition about biting people. He also has bitten his "best friend" Sarabi quite a few times, leaving little scabs on her head. He bites my feet while I´m sleeping! If he ever bites one of the pigs, I´ll bite him. Check out the pic of Spot playing in the "nifty toy" thread and you´ll see Mr. Kitty eyeing him in the background!

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I have a mini-dachshund that could care less about the pigs. Ben only gets jealous if I´m holding one and not paying attention to him and he whines. I put Sable with him in his bed while I was calling vet and he didn´t move and she snuggled right up to him. Then again he´s not much bigger than the pigs and right down there on their level.

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Thanks for the Memories

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Ooooh, Bf has a cat like that. Onery thing decided to chew my head when I was laying on the couch. He ALWAYS pushes his limits. Bad, bad cat! If you figure out a cure, let us know!


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Cara: I also have a mini dachshund (Remy). He occasionally tries to get the pigs involved in puppy play, but he´s really more interested in eating guinea pig poop. Needless to say, Remy isn´t allowed to give anyone kisses anymore. On the bright side, maybe it´s helping keep the pigs´ cage cleaner?

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Ha, Ben eats poop too but is more interested in eating the pine shavngs, fiber maybe?

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