Quickest male bonding time?

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Post   » Sun Jan 13, 2002 9:11 pm

I put three boars together tonight and after about 2 hours of humping each other they have settled down beautifully. Has anyone else had such an easy time getting males together?

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Post   » Sun Jan 13, 2002 9:20 pm

I have had good luck with a few cases where I put a baby in with an older boar. But then again, the last time I did that it worked for awhile, until the baby grew up.

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Post   » Mon Jan 14, 2002 12:05 am

I hope they continue to get along. Certainly looks promising but I always think they can be unpredictable.


Post   » Mon Jan 14, 2002 6:25 am

Introduced new boar of about 4-5 months to three baby boys. 30 mins of tomfoolery and then perfect harmony, that lasted until two of the babies went to their new home. Teddy (the older boar) still lives in peace with the remaining boar Pootle, (now 4 months old) and they never fight, not even when the girls are in the pen next to them.

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Post   » Mon Jan 14, 2002 10:52 am

They were doing fine this am. I checked on them throughout the night because I was paranoid but they are doing fabulously together. I just hope it continues!

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Thanks for the Memories

Post   » Mon Jan 14, 2002 11:19 am

Jules and Steve - 15 minutes. I was utterly FLOORED. And they´re still getting on great, so long as I keep the pigloo out (which they fought over). Fine by me.

Steve and Max - a couple of introductions - probably 5 hours overall, not incl. time spent as neighbors.

I hope it´s a permanent match!

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