Moving senior piggies, or give them away?

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Post   » Thu Oct 20, 2016 2:47 pm

I'm new to posting on this thread, so please delete if I'm in the wrong one.

I have two wonderful female Guinea pigs which I've had since the 6th grade (I've since graduated, last year) which makes them both 7 years old in November (2016). My parents have decided on moving (Virginia to Louisiana 3 day drive) in the spring/summer. Although I'd absolutely would love for them to come with me, they're really old and I don't know how'd they feel being stuck in a carrier with two dogs and cats in the car. I have every best intentions for all of my animals. These girls have lived in 9 foot c&c cages (thanks to this site) to an 8x4 shed when 25x25 horse fencing around them with a whol veggie garden dedicated to them. I put them on Facebook last night to a pet page and a lady contacted me saying it is no where near humane to give them away to someone else as they're so old and so used to being with me. My parents are soon starting construction on the house and winters coming, alothough I've kept them in the shed (unless it was absolutely freezing out or we were about to get 2+ feet of snow on the ground) with lots of hay, food, blankets, heating pads, and a very small heater. I'm just wondering if they should also stay inside because of their age. I'm stuck on what to do, but the lady told me she'd be willing to take them in as she used to foster/rescue Guinea pigs in the past. I'm extremely stuck on what to do. I'm at the age where I'm starting to look for jobs and won't have enough time for them anymore (this is harsh, but I should've planned way way ahead for this while I was younger, but I honestly didn't think they'd make past their life expectancy) if it all comes down to you guys saying its be best that I keep them, then I'll stay in Virginia and look for pet friendly apartments and keep them till they pass then move myself with my parents (I was moving for the vet school in LA)

Sorry if this is going on and on, as I'm on my phone and this doesn't let me zoom out and look back to everything I've said. I'm open to all comments, negative and positive! Hunter-bell, Caramel and I say thank you :)

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Post   » Thu Oct 20, 2016 3:02 pm

Two quick thoughts: 1) They do need to be inside, and 2) traveling with them isn't that hard on them.


Post   » Thu Oct 20, 2016 3:39 pm

They need to be inside. Rehoming them would be stressful but if it means them having a proper indoor home it may be beneficial.

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