Two young pigs need home in MA


Post   » Tue Oct 25, 2016 7:30 am

I've been looking at all the cavies in shelters in MA in surround states. I fell in love with a few but I just took one in this morning (or, yesterday morning, rather, considering the time) and will wait until the current cavy is sexed (I figure it'll be less stressful if it gets done when it gets its nails clipped as well) and I have a better understanding of its personality (and name! Currently, I'm just calling it sweetie like I do my nephews and nieces) before looking more deeply into getting another cavy as its companion.

I may also wait until one of the hamsters I adopted, Skipidoo--aka Skippy-- passes (a dwarf hybrid, age unknown but somewhere between 18 months and just after 2) as the cage he is currently in is about the length of the 2x4 C&C cage and due to his condition when I first brought him home and since he can't have playtime (too nervous/stressed whenever he's out of his cage unless I'm holding him), I refuse to downgrade him to a smaller cage. So until he passes and I get rid of his current cage, I only have room for a single 2x4/2x4.5 cage with the possibility of a 2x3 or 2x3.5 stacked on top. I intended on taking in an already bonded pair but since that didn't happen, I'm trying to plan for what happens if current cavy doesn't get along with (future) companion--and then the companions they may both need then.

Still, I may have to drop by Nevins Farms and meet those cute cavies, especially since I want to ask if they allow piggy play dates--and why ask over the phone when you can go in person and play with the adorable fuzzies?

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Post   » Tue Oct 25, 2016 8:19 pm

Nevins Farm is well worth the visit to say hello to all the piggies! Say hello to Hagrid for me if he's still there! (He's an ADORABLE skinny fella.)


Post   » Wed Nov 23, 2016 11:14 am

We bought our first guinea pig 2 days ago from Petco, we had looked at her the day before and they had a pair that we were going to buy, but when we returned only one was there!

My question is where is the best place to look for another female? I live in Marlborough MA (also spend a lot of time around Worcester and Needham where our families are from).

Also, we have our one in a petco starter cage which I quickly learned from researching isn't enough! I'm going to order a C&C cage in the next day or so, but it looks like they don't have tops to them? is there any way they could escape the cage?


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If you got yours from petco, then she's probably a baby and will need some baby proofing of the CC cage. There are a couple of different ways which you can find on the guinepigcages site.

For another cavy, I would check or similar sites, shelters and CL (or other similar sites) If you don't mind a drive, late last month/early this month, the ARL in Dedham had a huge influx of guinea pigs that arrived and a good chunk were female. I know some have been put up for adoption. I adopted Miss Daisy from them and during that time, they told me they didn't get a lot of people who came looking for guinea pigs (I had been looking into/doing a lot of research on getting/neutering another cavy--a male--for a good two or three weeks I think before he was adopted).

There are A LOT of people I've noticed posting their cavies up on CL lately. You don't necessarily need to get a piggy the same age as your girl (none of mine are the same age) but remember to go through introductions slowly after quarantine and you want to have a second cage in case they don't get along.

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Post   » Wed Nov 23, 2016 8:09 pm

Nevins Farm MSPCA in Methuen ALWAYS have guinea pigs. I would look into adopting there. Oh - and I see goosey already recommended it.

Since your sow came from Petco, it's possible she may have built-in company (she could be pregnant).


Post   » Thu Nov 24, 2016 11:50 am

Well hopefully she isn't pregnant... lol she looks like she's about full size though, I have no idea how to tell and they didn't tell me.

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Post   » Wed Nov 30, 2016 12:15 pm

We did end up getting our second piggy, from the Dedham shelter. She had come in with another but they were separated because the other was bullying her. Oreo (formerly Yoshimi) is much more laid back and you can tell shes more used to being held than our younger petco girl.

They saw each other for the first time last night, I moved the cages to the same room. We will probably do an official introduction on Saturday, but I think it'll go well. Gretel (the younger, petco pig) was popcorning all over her cage last night when she saw Oreo, hopefully that's a good sign that she's excited to have a friend!

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Post   » Wed Nov 30, 2016 1:02 pm

Read this on introductions before you put them together:


Post   » Wed Nov 30, 2016 6:37 pm

Lol--Gretel's reaction to Oreo sounds just like Miss Daisy's to Winnie's presence. Granted, Miss Daisy is an exciteable lil fella and my little popcorner. She's gotten Winnie to join her on a couple of occasions which is a treat to see.

Definitely read through the link bpatters gave and feel free to ask questions. The members here have been very helpful when I've had questions.

I didn't bother using the bath method when I was introducing Winnie and Miss Daisy to each other but I had a small dish tub on standby in case it seemed the two may need to bond over the evil bath-lady who took over the body of the veggie-lady. I also had a couple of sites opened to use as a reference/help (the link bpatters already gave you as well as this one...especially helpful was having behaviors separated into red, yellow, and green sections regarding whether or not to step in). Honestly, I think the introductions were much more nerve-wracking for me than for them.

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Post   » Wed Nov 30, 2016 9:40 pm

Plug for MSPCA at Nevins Farm! I've gotten my last two pigs from them. :) I'd adopt more from them if I had the space!

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