Fleece Bedding Questions!

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Post   » Fri Apr 05, 2019 12:09 am

I am a New Guinea pig owner I have two male guinea pigs; Butters & Bear! I am looking into transferring cages as my guinea pigs are currently 2-3 months and I currently have them in a small cage. I just bought a C&C cage 29” deep and 59” long idk the width as I just bought and she didn’t post it and I haven’t had a chance to measure and I want to change to fleece bedding for my piggies as I think they would enjoy it more as they love cuddling together under their fleece hammock(used as a hidey not for them to jump in). I have seen so many resources online but want to do it right and I have fleece ready but didn’t know the exact prep and how many layers to sew together or what exactly goes into the layers or if it would be smarter to buy pre made fleece bedding? Here for all the advice and answers you provide! Just trying to give my little guys the best happiest life! Thanks again!

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Post   » Fri Apr 05, 2019 1:55 am

Fleece bedding is ok and lots of guinea pig owners have good luck with it, but I prefer to use the Kaytee paper bedding. It has to be changed at least every 3 days, but it's comfortable, absorbent and easy to deal with. For my two piggies in separate cages, I go through two of the largest packages they have per month. Each one is $29.99.

They are compacted when packaged and expand out to 3 times the packaged volume when you are spreading it out. I only use the white paper, not the multi colored. The reason I do this is mainly because it allows me to monitor their urine and feces to ensure they are normal. It also allows me to see if they have any abnormal discharge or if they have injury or illness that causes bleeding.

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Post   » Fri Apr 05, 2019 10:03 am

Glad to hear you are upgrading to a larger cage. Fleece results in too much laundry for me (plus I dislike having to brush out the hay, hair and poops to avoid clogging my clothes washer), so I use paper bedding these days. In the past, though, I did have fleece in all of our cages with a layer of regular bath towels underneath. It worked well, and I know that a lot of people swear by it. Just make sure it's 100% polyester fleece, and new fleece will need to be laundered several times before using it. Avoid dryer sheets or fabric softener.

Be sure to read:

I'm sure fleece owners will be along to offer further tips.

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Well, I do both. I have a small cage for overnight and I use paper bedding and hay over newspaper on one side and a towel under fleece on the other. She sleeps on the fleece side and the other side is the bathroom.

During the day my GP is in a large pen with fleece. I have washable incontinence pads under a sheet of fleece. I made fleece pads about the size of kitchen towels in the corners. Those are 3 layers. One side woven fabric, middle is a microfiber kitchen towel, top is plush fleece. My GP snuggles and sleeps on these and uses them for a bathroom. They wash and dry well. I flip them to the woven side when I pile hay on them so they’re still absorbent but the hay doesn’t stick.

Also, if you buy fleece, there is a plush variety that I recommend. It feels silkier, wears better, doesn’t pill, and the hay doesn’t stick as much. I used to have trouble finding the right side of fleece but learned this trick. If you pull the fleece along the stretchy edge, it curls away from the right side. When you pull fleece along the edge that doesn’t stretch, it curls toward the right side.

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