On June 11th, Celebrate "Guinea Pigs Are Magic"!

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Back in 2016 we settled on a special guinea pig holiday, "Guinea Pigs Are Magic" to be celebrated on June 11, the birthday of our dear Fairy.

Mildred M wrote:

Guinea Pigs Are Magic
Anyone who has ever experienced and appreciated the companionship of guinea pigs will understand the joy these magical creatures bring!

Those cavy-slaves who have taken pride in providing and caring for their guineas - meeting their individual needs with sensible and varied diet (including fresh and dried food and an unlimited supply of hay), the right environment, company of other guineas, medical care, attention and whatever else is required to keep them happy and healthy, will know how wonderfully all of this is repaid by these small, personality packed bundles of furry gorgeousness!

With their zest for life, food, fun and cosiness, each and every guinea pig deserves to be cherished loved.

They're Magic!

If you haven't met Fairy, grand tales of adventure can be found in the Cavy Chronicles!

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