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LINKS - Diet Questions: Wheatgrass
  • Easy Wheatgrass Growing (Photos)
    Excellent thread discussing the best ways to grow wheatgrass, especially indoors. Great photographs!
  • Wheat Grass?
    Discussion thread about wheatgrass.
  • Is there a lot of calcium in wheatgrass?
    Wheatgrass has a Ca:P ratio of 1:1.

    Use caution when feeding wheatgrass for the first time. Some guinea pigs may develop soft feces. Pinta explains on this thread:
    "The first growth wheatgrass might be high in chlorophyll. Older animals tend to get diarrhea from the rich first grass of spring and should only get limited amounts until their systems have adjusted. Second growth grass isn't as rich and is easier on them. Horses have the same issue."
See also:

Care Guide: Diet: Calcium:Phosphorus Ratio

How to Understand the Ca:P Ratio Calculator
Very helpful explanation on how to understand the Calcium:Phosphorus ratio.

The Wheat Grass People website
Nutritional analysis information can be found under the FAQ heading.

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