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Post   » Fri Oct 20, 2000 7:01 pm

Guinea Lynx Records is an extension of Guinea Lynx Forums. Forum members can create an editable medical record of their guinea pig. You will be able to edit your guinea pig's treatment record for each individual illness. Most forums are closed to general discussion and do not allow replies.

Records will include a chronology of the illness and treatment. One record per guinea pig type of illness per forum. A guinea pig with multiple types of illness can have more than one thread in this forum. It is hoped a collection of treatment records relating to particular types of problems will help others with similar problems.

This is a new feature. Its use will evolve over time.


Records posts can be edited by the author and by moderators until they are locked.

Moderators may make minor corrections to your post to fix typos, spelling, organization, formatting or other problems.

Moderators will leave a note if more substantive corrections are made.

Post will be locked (and not available for editing by the author) if the record is unlikely to change (for example, a one-time illness or after the death of a guinea pig when no other medical records are likely to be added).

We hope the ability to edit your record will result in more complete records.

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