Moody's Story: Tiny bit of plastic caused wheezing

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Moody's thread

Moody'smom writes,
"Update - we finally "cured" moody last November after months of x-rays, anti-biotics, heart meds. Seems that there was a tiny bit of plastic lodged in the far back of his mouth that was difficult to see and did not show on x-rays, which caused his wheezing, failure to eat properly, and repeated infections. Once it was removed and the infection cured, he has not had a recurrence. He has gained weight and is active. There is no longer a wheeze and he is incredibly healthy. This is after nearly losing him twice."

She adds:
"Moody's wheeze was variously described as a nasal or throat wheeze (not a lung wheeze). Perhaps if your pig has these symptoms, the vet should examine closely for a foreign object - especially if teeth, lungs and heart appear healthy."

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