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GL member: Topaz
Medical thread: Topaz’s Zoey

Droppings were large, soft, and abnormally shaped. Suspected weight loss.

• Fecal float; negative
• Culture; negative results

Diet Changes:
Initially only gave small amounts of leafy greens. Eventually stopped all greens when still getting chronic soft droppings. Tried a pellet-free diet after withholding veggies showed no improvement.

Probiotics (acidophilus) sprinkled on food. Gave Zoey droppings from a healthy guinea pig. Also gave extra vitamin C while not feeding veggies. Started giving Kyo-Dophilus probiotics along with acidophilus daily.

• Flagyl (Metronidazole) for two weeks
• Bactrim (after Flagyl failed to give lasting results); discontinued after seeing no progress
• Bactrim along with a pellet-free diet

Eventually Zoey stopped having soft droppings. Though it’s unclear exactly what resolved the issue, the last attempt before getting normal droppings was a reduced pellet diet and a round of Bactrim (for the second time).
Other medical issues:
• Watery left eye

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