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2006 June Guinea Lynx Forums Auction Raises Funds for Record Books

The purpose of the 2006 June auction was to raise funds to pay for Cavy Health Record Books to be distributed to cavy rescues.

Rescues may use the books as they see fit which might include giving them to people who adopt their guinea pigs, offering them for sale to adopters, or using one themselves.

Books were provided inexpensively and shipped as inexpensively as possible. We'll post a tally of funds raised and how they are used as soon as we're caught up (most of the books have been mailed out). Find other year's auction results on the 2004 Auction Results page and the 2005 Auction Results page. Find this year's on the 2006 Auction Results page.

The person who donates the item will ship it to the highest bidder after Lynx receives payment. To simplify the auction, it will be helpful if the donator is willing to ship the item.

Items and services will be posted on our message board for a week or so, listing only your board name, general location, and pertinent details relating to the item/service to be auctioned. We may specify a minimum bid (you can suggest a minimum bid in the comment area if you wish).

Thanks to everyone who participated the month of June!!!!

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