Bladder Stone study

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@guineasgalore I agree. These pellets seem to be very good, but still high in calcium. I find any store brand pellet to be a big problem. Not only for stones but many have seeds which are bad for them.
I have posted in another post the current diet I give my piggies. I think the best thing to do is to not give too much variety in the veggies given daily. And please cavy lovers highly reduce the timothy hay pellets.

If I try to email these pellet brand companies.. do you think they will listen? What about those alfalfa and yogurt treats.. These things are so unnecesary.


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I have called Kaytee brand and have told them that their pellets are high in calcium.. and I had previously used their brand for some time.. any beginner would have since it is in most stores. I told them to please check the calcium content because it is higher than Oxbow and KMS.. That the calcium is the main reason for these stones..
Not only that but also spoke about the alfalfa and how most beginners would not really know the difference between the hays and make this mistake.
I don't know if others here have tried speaking to them? I doubt my calling would make a difference.. but I think if more of us would call these big manufacturers maybe someday they can make changes to their products and bladder stones could be reduced.

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