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Abscesses -- several members describe their experiences with abscesses.
Pic of curved tip syringe used to flush wound.
Arthritis -- a few notes, search forums for more info. Read about treatment for bacterial causes
Asthma Medications -- aminophylline vs. terbutaline
Cervical Lymphadenitis -- CL or "Lumps"
Chemotherapy Protocol for Lymphosarcoma
Diarrhea, caused by antibiotics -- describes treatment for diarrhea that is caused by antibiotics
Eye Deposits -- "Osseous metaplasia of the mesectodermal trabecular meshwork in a guinea pig." See also: This Thread
Fungal Treatment -- there are many methods that can be used to treat fungus. Check out the recommendations on Guinealynx also.
Heart Problems Primer -- discussion of heart problems with xrays
Heart Problems, Symptoms of -- one poster summarizes what she has found on these forums. See also: This Thread. (Kara's heart meds)
Interstitial Cystitis -- intermitten pain on urination, usually accompanied by thick mucus, sometimes bloody mucus. This sow was spayed and determined to have no stones. See also: Thread
Ivermectin -- a summary of the bioavailability of ivermectin using various routes.
Ivermectin, Injectable -- how to draw dose from bottle using a needled syringe.
Kidney Disease -- hydration and diet
LUMP on Male's Nipple -- lump removed by mastectomy. See also mammary tumor
LUMP on Snowflake's Haunch -- Probable Trichofolliculoma -- lump surgically removed -- with photos.
LUMP near Snowflake's Genitals -- Probable Follicular Cyst -- sometimes mistakenly called "sebaceous cyst" -- with photos.
Mange Mites -- photos of severe case of mange mites before and after treatment with ivermectin
Mouth Sores See also a second thread: Mouth Sores II
Neutering -- photos and experiences
Osteoarthritis & Ascorbic Acid -- a small study indicates excess C may contribute to osteoarthritis in guinea pigs [thanks, LibraryGryffon]
Ovarian Cysts -- drug treatment with GnRH
Pea Eye Pictures
Renal Failure Tips -- beets, subcues, and Amphojel
Ultrasound Photos -- photos of healthy organs
URI (Upper Respiratory Infection) Signs -- diagnostic tips when standard treatments don't work
Urine Scald -- Link to pics of severe case, suggested treatments -- see also Athena's successful treatment
X-Rays, bloat - torsion

Ascorbic Acid & Osteoarthritis -- a small study indicates excess C may contribute to osteoarthritis in guinea pigs [thanks, LibraryGryffon]
Biosponge Paste -- use tips
Cart -- description and photos of a cart used to help Roxy get around
Doses -- how to figure drugs and dosages (Posology)
Fecal vs. culture vs. gram stain -- explanation
Hand Feeding Advice and Tips
Hydrogen Peroxide -- why NOT to use this product!
Medications: Compounding Enalapril (use techniques to compound other drugs)
Medication: Giving Medications -- Paravati's Tips
Medications, Pain (Analgesics)and Dosages -- Josephine's extensive list of pain meds and doses.
Tracis Nebulizer Links
Nutri-Cal -- why NOT to use this product!
Posology -- how to figure drugs and dosages
Metoclopramide (Reglan) & Cisapride (Propulsid)
References/Links Online -- Merck Vet Manual & Guinea Pig Diseases websites
Scales -- Weigh your pigs weekly!
Temperature -- taking a guinea pig's temp -- normal temperature
Weight Chart -- Female Gps to one year -- see also Mel's post.

Estimating delivery time
Mucus Plug Pictures

Boars Living Together
Chirping Sound Clip
Introduction not going well
Outdoor - Garden Guinea Pig Runs
Scales -- Weigh your pigs weekly!
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